Leap into 2018

saint sulpice

Walking at the edge of Lake Geneva from Preverenges to Saint Sulpice today, I took the time to say farewell to 2017 and my three words for the year – bold, rhythm and lightness.

Smile. Breathe. And be grateful.

Bold. You supported me when I had to decide about visiting Antarctica, you helped me get back to writing in this space and you pushed me to be brave when I wanted to release my little meditation project out into the big wide world. You gave me courage and made me braver.

Rhythm. You danced alongside me at my 50th, you helped me to commit to my day-to-day yoga and meditation rituals, you reminded me to explore new sounds and you brought the tango in Argentina and the salsa in Colombia to me. Let’s keep dancing together.

Lightness. You ensured that I shone my light brightly, you played a huge role in my daily photographs, you were always present during healing sessions and you tapped me on the shoulder reminding me not to take myself too seriously. May I continue to seek the light.

Tonight I will say thank you and let these three words go as I bid a bright hello to my new words for 2018 – presence, leap and vitality.

Presence, I wish for you to accompany me in all that I am and all that I do.

Leap, you follow bravely on from bold and I ask you to support me in all my new steps.

Vitality, may you infuse all I do with vibrant energy, from the littlest thing like brushing my teeth to my daily creative moments and onto the bigger mysteries that 2018 holds.

Tomorrow I hope to have another long soul walk and welcome in my three words step by mindful step.

How do you let go of the year past and welcome in the New Year? Would you like to share your words for 2018 here?

Smile. Breathe. Grateful.

Dear Soulsister and Soulbrother, I am so grateful for all the love, each word you read, every comment you leave or email you send. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for being here.

I wish you a Happy New Year. May your journey in 2018 bring you all that your soul desires and may you find happiness and love in every step. Wishing you the most magical 2018! Shine your light brightly, dear Soul.

with gratitude, bubbles and laughter, Delicia