With all the chocolates bunnies around town for the last few weeks, I spent some time contemplating what Easter means to me. Traditionally for me, it has been a time to spend with family. As children, we couldn’t wait for the Easter egg hunt in the garden. And I really love deliciously warm hot cross buns straight out of the oven dripping in butter. I can almost smell them!

I came upon one word that nicely describes the feeling for me.


The light we shine out into the world and the light that reflects back to us. The light that connects all of us in community of spirit. The light that we share with all others. The light that inspires us.

Breathe in light. Breathe out light. Be light.

May you find light and peace and connection this Easter weekend through sharing your light with those around you, both far and near.

I really enjoy sharing my light with all of you, my soulsisters and soulbrothers. And I am happy that you share your special light with me and walk with me.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Light.

with gratitude, Delicia x

2 thoughts on “Light

  1. In the last weeks I have spent long time being with healing light in meditation, allowing it to relax me, to refresh every part of me, and to bring me love and peace that I can then spread into the world.
    These feelings on my mat brought me back to this beautiful post. As you wrote ‘Light connects all of us in community of spirit’. For this, we should shine our light and share it with others. I am not adding much but just want to remind here the importance of opening up, connecting and sharing. All of this simply through shining bright, full of trust and hope.

    Thank you Delicia for shining out and sharing your beautiful light with us.
    Love and light

    • Your beautiful reminder is appreciated and it is through sharing like this that we are all reminded to shine brightly. I love sharing here and am so happy to have soulsister and soulbrothers along on this journey of the now. It is a magical one for me and it makes me truly happy if you and others are enjoying connecting too.

      So just shine your light brightly and keep sharing your self and opening to this all.
      Namaste and much gratitude

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