Healing hands : handful of treats

the bee and her hands of discovery

From our first moments on the planet, we discover and explore our world through our hands.

I discover. I explore. I feel. I touch. I sense. I heal. I hold. I love. I signal. I warn. I share.

All with my hands. All day, every day!

We use our hands to feel our way through life, to get our daily tasks done, to express ourselves, to take care of our self and others; and to show our love for another. How often do we stop to think about giving our own hands some extra attention?

Breathe deeply. Touch hands. And be aware of their beauty.

Besides all their day-to-day activities, I am grateful to have my hands to feel, to touch, to take photographs, to sense energy, to massage, to heal and to write this post.

We also use our hands as a means of loving communication with one another. They do a lot of hard work for us. But do we remember to love up on them often enough?

Here are a few quick and easy ways to give your hands a special treat today!

  • Grab a handful of coffee grinds, salt, sugar or something else rough from the kitchen, add a dash of oil (any oil will work) and if you have some, a drop of essential oil (my lavender is always with me) smells divine. Now rub your hands together over the sink and give them a good scrub. Rinse with warm water. As you dry them, feel their softness.
  • Find a lemon (a tennis ball also works) and give your hands a home workout. Squeeze and release the lemon in one hand and then the other. With my small hands, I did this exercise regularly when I took my massage course many years ago. It worked wonders to flex, tone and strengthen them.
  • End it all off with a little massage. Take a pen or pencil and use one hand to roll it over all the points on the palm of the other hand. Then swap hands. Can you feel the pen gently activating all the pressure points on your hands?

After a couple of minutes of gentle self-care for your hands today, you are all set to tackle your next task.

Breathe. Touch. Beautiful hands.

Let’s remind each other to keep our hands happy and open.

Because… open hands, open heart.

I invite you to take a moment to contemplate exactly how vital your hands are to you.

Tell me how you have shown them some care today?

And if you think that someone else would find these tips helpful, please share them forward. I thank you.

with big healing hugs, Delicia xxx


(Please note these tips are not meant to treat or diagnose, they are purely shared suggestions from my own experiences in order to support you in your own healing. If you need medical attention, please don’t hesitate to seek professional help.)

4 thoughts on “Healing hands : handful of treats

  1. This post make me sad. It’s beautiful, but make thing how poorly I treat my hands. I wash them all the time with dishwash detergent or I clean them with alcohol. I think that my hands carry all the contamination of everything I touch, real dirt or thoughts of dirt. They are wrinkled and dried. I only put some cream before going to bed. I’ll try to look at my hands with more compassion.
    Thanks for the beautiful post, your niece is lovely.
    Hugs to you!

    • Dear Elizabeth,

      I often have to remind myself to be more compassionate to myself too, especially my hands and feet. They work so hard for me, yet I often neglect them. I trust you found some inspiration here to give your hands a few little treats. Give them a hug from me.

      May you look at your hands with compassion each and every day.

      Thank you, the Bee is adorable and growing up far too quickly.

      Big hugs to you xxx

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