Travel impressions : Oman

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Warm Arabian nights. An ornate palace. Fresh desert sunrises. Striking sunsets. Stuck in the sand. Stargazing. Dancing campfire. Jumping down orange sand dunes. Palm leaf huts. Camels everywhere. Unending dunes. Hot, hot days. Baby camels. Sand between my toes. Untouched beaches. Turtles at night. Vibrant underwater life. Majestic dhows (traditional sailing vessels). Crashing waves. Rugged coastline. Never-ending roads. Difficult to follow road signs. Slow ferry trip. Beached on a sandbank. Smiling woman. Covered faces. Dolphins, flamingos and gulls. Hand-sized shells. Turquoise water. Friendly people. Fishing boats galore. Beach litter! Colourful markets. Frankincense in the air. Busy streets. Refreshing wadis (valley). Palm trees. Cool mountain air. Steep mountain roads. Farming terraces. Mountain hiking. Impressive forts. Free roaming goats. Ceremonial khanjar (dagger). So many mosques. Respectful dress. White dishdasha (ankle-length gown). Coffee rituals. Humus at every meal. Fresh dates. Cardamom coffee. Large fresh fruit smoothies. Loud and beautiful calls to prayer. Peaceful moments to connect.

muscat beach


We travelled to the Sultanate of Oman, an Arab state in Southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, in December 2012. We visited Muscat, Ras al-Jinz Turtle Reserve, Ras al Hadd, Sur, Wahiba Sands, Massirah Island, Jabal al Akhdar, Nizwa, Jabrin and many other towns, villages and nature spots along the way. If you visit, don’t miss out on a night in the desert!

Travel impressions is a trip down memory lane recalling sights, sounds, tastes, smells, textures and feelings. If I close my eyes, travel impressions can transport me back there.

Take a walk with me through these words and images. Let’s share the moment.

If you close your eyes, can you sense Oman? I would love to hear your thoughts.

simply sharing, Delicia x

2 thoughts on “Travel impressions : Oman

    • It was really amazing and also a very interesting cultural experience. It was my first visit to an Arabic country where the history is so steeped in the religion of Islam. It was wonderful to experience, absorb and learn more. There were three reasons for going – it was time for a holiday, there were specials on flights to Muscat and lastly but probably the main one, it looked like a wonderful destination and a way to broaden my experience of world cultures. I have always wanted to spend more time in the desert and I love the sea. Oman provided all of this and much more. x

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