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The heart connections I have with others inspire me and feed my soul. This is an important element of life as we are very social beings. We need to feel connected to others, to our true self and to something greater. These connections bring happiness and peace into our lives.

That connection to self sustains me and gives me some of the tools I need to deal with all that’s happening in my world and around me. Life is fast, life is busy, life is fun, life is challenging and it takes practice to slow down.

This has been on my mind a lot recently and I have been asking myself how do I connect to my self. I have been trying to allow myself that quiet space daily. Even if only for a few minutes. I don’t always get it right or find the quiet, but with practice I am getting better at it.

I need to breathe. I need to be still. And I need to connect.

Some of the ways that allow me that connection to self are through:

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • walking
  • photography
  • writing
  • breathing

Making time to do one of these things brings me closer to my true self and allows me to express what I feel in those moments of stillness. This is a precious gift that I can give to myself.

For a little fun, I started creating photographs with the thoughts that came to me while I was on my yoga mat. I am keeping the photos simple, while expressing the essence of the thought for myself. When I look at them, they gently remind me and bring me back to that moment on my mat. They inspire me and I am happy to be able to share them with you. I hope that they may inspire you too.  I will add new inspiration photographs here regularly as well as on Instagram.

Now take a quiet moment with me.

Breathe. Be still. And connect.

Perhaps in the quiet we can listen for the answers, or find inspiration and connection…

I know that everyone has different ways of feeling that connection to self. How do you connect with your true self?

love and light, Delicia


2 thoughts on “Heart connections

  1. Feeling connected is what makes us happy and living heart connections (not only enjoying each other’s presence, but really nourishing each other and the connection) is what makes our life meaningful. But in order to give love we need to love ourselves first. So it makes perfect sense that you started to write about heart connections but then concentrated on what helps you to connect to your self. It took me a while to realise this…

    All what you mentioned is also what I do when I need to connect to my self. Certain times one works better than another, other times it is the flow from one to the next that makes it. But most of the times it is the combination of several of them that really brings me into the space of self-awareness, understanding, connection and sharing where I feel joy.

    I just want to add a couple more.

    • Reading, since I have learnt so much and was so greatly inspired by people who generously shared their knowledge, their journey and their insights.

    • Talking with wholehearted soulsisters, because this forces me to stop, look inside, be honest, understand what I feel and find words to express this. And the feedback from a third-person perspective is always an eye-opener.

    Additionally, both reading and talking make me realise that we are all the same, having difficulties and wanting love. And this reminds me that ‘we’re all in this together’ (from the beautiful quote of Brené Brown you shared in Here comes 2014…) and that ‘your best interest is served by recognizing and nurturing the interests of others at the same time’ (Search Inside Yourself, by Chade-Meng Tan – a new inspiring read that is with me at the moment and that I dearly recommend).

    My gratitude for all the steps I made inspired by reading your wise words and by the wonderful chats we had. I look forward to our sharing more of this and nourishing our connection.

    Breathe in. Feel the connection. Breathe out. We are all ONE and the same.
    Connected and happy, in the here and now. Namaste.

    • I love the two you added as they are also wonderful ways of expanding self love and heart connections, both to self and others. It makes me really happy that you are enjoying reading and connecting in this space. I value your input and connection so much. I look forward to continuing our path of connecting and sharing together.

      Your comment reminded me again how all love starts with self love and if we are all one, we are loving our selves. It comes full circle and what we put out comes back to us. This ties in so nicely with my musings on love and commitment that I wrote about recently. There is more to feel on this topic that I am sure will be present with me during this year. Especially as I have committed to that.

      There is another book to add to my ‘to read’ list – Search inside yourself sounds like a good read but I am aiming for Brené Brown first.

      So right, Annalisa, indeed we are all one and it’s a wonderful reminder!

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