Smile, breathe and go slowly – Thich Nhat Hanh

Meditation allows me to slow down, connect to the Divine, find happiness in my heart, calmness in my soul and silence in my breath. Mostly I get to hear my higher self more. I feel how its peaceful power supports my life. The closer I draw to my centre, the stiller I become.

It is all in the practice. It is my morning ritual. And my silent sweet spot.

Breathe in. Breathe out. And let’s meditate.

My biggest desire is to inspire you to find your own way towards the power of meditation and closer to your centre.

This is your invitation, dear Soul, gifted with so much love, from my soul to yours.

Let’s explore meditation; sit and deepen our practice; we are in this together and all one.

Five simple tips:

  • Be comfortable.  The more comfortable you are, the less your body distracts you. Any position works.
  • Take time.  Set aside some uninterrupted time. Gift yourself a few moments of deep relaxation in your day. One minute works as well as thirty minutes.
  • Follow your breath.  This is an easy way to be present and train the mind to find stillness.
  • Return to your breath.  If you find yourself distracted, and we all do, simply return to your breath. It is all about the practice and not about being perfect.
  • Do what works for you.  There is no right or wrong way to meditate. There are hundreds of different ways to meditate. The best way is the one that works for you.

Now find a comfortable spot and let’s get started. Take a deep breath in and out.

Meditate with me (free/gift of kindness):

A selection of free meditations recorded especially for you. Give them a go and if you like them, please come back to enjoy them over and over again. I record and share new meditations on my blog as well as on SoundCloud.

Simply breathe : short and sweet moments of breath : recorded in the forest with birdsong

Water flow and let go : allow the healing power of water to help you flow : recorded at the stream

End of the earth energy : sense the power : recorded outdoors in Ushuaia, Argentina

Shine your light : you have the power to shine your light out into the world : recorded with light

If you have enjoyed these free meditations and feel called to support my creations, I would be most grateful for any Gift of Kindness sent with love. In return, you have my immense and heartfelt gratitude. There is absolutely no pressure at all. Either way, I sincerely hope that you will continue to come back and enjoy my free meditations as often as you like.

Buy me a cup of coffee, a plate of sushi or a bus ticket somewhere exciting!

Send a Gift of Kindness (optional)

Meditate with me (paid meditations):

Watch this space for something new and exciting …

Meditations personalised for you and your soul (for a fee):

This is a treasure. Made with love for you. Moments of breath from my soul to yours.

I connect, meditate and listen. Then I record a personal meditation especially for you and your soul.

Creating these meditations is something I feel extremely called to do and I honour these messages that I receive by creating them with light and so much love and gratitude.

The audio file is sent to you personally. If you and your soul feel called to receive your own meditation (for a fee), please email me at delicia (at) soulsister (dot) co (dot) za to chat more about it.

My soulsisters have graciously allowed me to share their own personal meditations forward to give you a sense of them. Thank you to my soulsisters N. and ML.

Grounding light, energy and sealing : personal meditation recorded for my soulsister N. and shared with her permission

Kindness : Thank you so much for my personalised meditation; actually my second one, my first was so helpful and calming as you gently spoke me through conscious birthing and labour. This meditation spoke straight to my soul and I find myself revisiting it often. It brings me back to my centre, grounds me and recharges me. Each chakra described so graphically… I can taste the apple green. As a healer, I need to remember me and this is what you naturally tuned into. Your voice is calming, your words inspirational and your timing divine. Thank you for sharing your gift. soulsister Nicolette

Heart space : personal meditation recorded for my soulsister ML. and shared with her permission

Kindness : Delicia created this meditation at a time that I needed it most. She guided me back to my heart space and with this, I was able to let go of so much hurt. I still use this meditation in times when I need to come back into this space. Delicia is a gifted lady with so much talent. soulsister ML.

Kindness : Namaste Delicia and gratitude for my beautiful personal meditation “brave heart”. It is perfect for me. Your calming voice, clear and well paced instructions lead me on a wonderful journey to my crystal cave. I returned feeling stronger and lighter having left my fear and doubt behind to be transmuted into love. Thank you dear soulsister. Namaste. soulsister K.

Kindness : Thank you Delicia!! You have amazing healing energy and your personal meditations are just another powerful channel to receive the support that I need. I had already enjoyed the gift meditations that you shared and loved your voice and images. They left me with a sense of deep connection, balance and inner peace. My personal meditation ‘the gift and healing of Mother Earth’ you prepared for me was this and lots more. Through your intuition you touched all the tender spots and filled them with kindness, love and light. You provided grounding, spaciousness, flexibitliy and warmth, reminding me that we have all within and it is always a matter of balance of all the ingredients of life. You really touched my soul and set it free. I am super enthusiastic about your personal meditations and hope they will reach many souls so that the whole world will be brighter. For this, I am commissioning a few as a gift for my loved ones. Namaste. soulsister A.

Kindness : My dear soulsister Delicia, I am very grateful for the meditation you created for me. I love the soft sound of your voice, the wonderful images you offer me. I love it and so does my cat who joined me during my last session. Thank you. soulsister N.

Kindness : Delicia’s personalised meditation was such a beautiful gift that was given to me at the very minute needed. I was amazed how perfectly suited the meditation was for my situation – as if a long known friend had created it for me. I don’t do guided meditations often, but love to listen to this one. I love Delicia’s voice and how the meditation lets me connect with my heart and the healing energy of the universe. Deeply grateful. soulsister M.

Kindness : Delicia’s personal meditations subtly invite us to be present. It took me right to heart of my struggles, intertwining soothing step-by-step guidance and beautiful visualisations like strokes of a masterpiece. Whenever I have time to sit down and enjoy my personal meditation, I discover new aspects and new angles which help me find calmness, self-acceptance and compassion. Thank you! soulsister and yoga teacher Claudia G.

Kindness : When diagnosed with cancer, I was recommended to practice meditation in order for me to find a quiet space in my world that had suddenly changed dramatically. I am new to meditation and thanks to Delicia I’ve been introduced to this new world. Delicia has created a special meditation for me that makes me relax, re-energises me – and the best part is Delicia gently guides me to a peaceful place. The personalised meditation creates images in my mind that are really nice to think about and go to – every day. I can only recommend trying Delicia’s services. Give yourself that gift and give it a try. soulbrother EA, Denmark.

Need help?

I’d love to hear how you go and what works or doesn’t work for you. Should you have any questions, desire a personal meditation or simply want to connect and say hello, please get in touch. Let’s chat.

I have been meditating on and off since my early 20s. I am extremely passionate about meditation and feel the benefits in my own life.

We all have busy lives and putting time aside is not easy. It took me forever to make my morning rituals stick and only recently have I managed a consistent daily practice. Still, I fall off the horse. The important part is that I pick myself up, dust off and start over again.

I can tell you from experience that it takes hard work, practice, patience, dedication and devotion. That said, the payoff is possible huge, even life changing!

Start small. Just one breath or even a minute. Each one matters. Because you matter. Gift yourself this today.

My wish is to share time and space meditating together. I would be happy to support you along your way towards finding a meditation practice just for you. There is no one size fits all. We are all unique. So our meditation practice is equally individual.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Meditate.

With love, light and gratitude.

Namaste, Delicia