Photo walk : exploring the Amalfi coast

Herculaneum angel

Herculaneum wall tile

Herculaneum below Vesuvius

Sorrento nights

Pompeii ceiling art

Pompeii artifacts

Pompeii vineyard and amphitheatre

Pompeii preserved body

Capri and Isole Faraglioni

Anacapri church of San Michele floor mosaic

Anacapri street life

Capri Marina Grande

Amalfi coast blue

Amalfi coast flower power

Amalfi prayers along the hike

Amalfi fresh lemonade after the hike

Amalfi coast to Positano

Positano beach

Amalfi blessings along the way

Amalfi coast to Praiano

Amalfi blue is truly a magnificent colour. Complimented by the signature scent of lemons that forever hangs in the air. Hiking the Path of the Gods trail must be one of the best ways to see this spectacular coastline. I highly recommend treating yourself to a freshly made lemonade in Piazza Santa Croce after your hike. Refreshing!

After exploring the streets of Naples, Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii wait to be explored. Make sure not to miss Herculaneum which lies closer to Mount Vesuvius. This bite-sized Pompeii suffered much the same fate when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79.

Sorrento makes a lovely overnight (or two) stop and the perfect jumping off point for a day trip to the famous Capri Island. My highlights were a boat trip around the island to see the coastline, the chairlift up to Monte Solaro for a view of the entire island and a visit to see the amazing floor mosaics in the Church of San Michele. Can you spot the unicorn in the Garden of Eden? I absolutely adore that.

Positano nestles along the Amalfi coast together with other lesser known delights like Praiano. Despite being busy and very touristy, how can one miss this beautiful spot where houses tumble down into the Amalfi blue sea. Yes, it is a real colour.

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6 thoughts on “Photo walk : exploring the Amalfi coast

  1. I’ve seen a documentary about this region, since then i’ve added it to my places to visit list! Your photos are great, i’m happy you had a great time there! hugs!

    • Thanks Elizabeth. It’s a stunning area and very similar to the coast in Cape Town too. If you do visit in the future and need some tips, just let me know. Hugs xxx

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