Photo walk : streets of Naples and Procida

street life

Banksy graffiti art madonna with a pistol

Napoli sotteranea underground Greek Roman aqueduct

life in the underground Greek Roman aqueduct

walking the streets

piazza del plebiscito

castell dell'ovo

street life through the arch

pink and blue pjs

street market in the Spanish quarter

street art

fresh fruit and vegetables

street bar

Marina Grande on Procida Island

Marina Corricella on Procida

fixing fishing nets at Marina Corricella

loads of lemons on Procida

Procida streets are full of lemons

mount vesuvius


The streets of Naples are interesting, vibrant, busy and incredibly loud. An abundance of storylines plays out as one walks around and observes this fascinating street life. A must see is the Napoli Sotterraneo (Naples Underground). This is an old Greek-Roman aqueduct that fed thermals waters from Mount Vesuvius to the town. Sections of it were used as air raid shelters in the Second World War. There is also a research project to see how plants survive below ground. The basil is used by a local pizzeria.

In contrast, the tiny island of Procida has colourful little harbours and loads of lemons. The fresh scent hangs in the air as one walks the island. It is small enough to easily walk from marina to marina enjoying village life along the way. A quick day trip by ferry from Naples, pretty Procida is such a worthwhile destination. And the seafood is delicious!

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2 thoughts on “Photo walk : streets of Naples and Procida

    • Many thanks Elizabeth. There is definitely tons to see and photograph. The street life is fantastic to observe and photograph. There is so much going on all the time. It was a little too loud for me after a few days though. Hugs to you xxx

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