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grounding barefoot beach walk

Even since we took our first steps, we continue to spend a huge amount of time on our feet every single day. How often do you stop to consider this fact? I know that I don’t always remember too.

We stand. We walk. We run. We dance. We hike. We do yoga. We swim. Forwards. Backwards. Up. Down. Motion. Support. Balance. Grounding. Into and out of many a situation.

All with our trusty feet!

So let’s make them happy feet by giving them some loving self-care today.

Breathe gratitude. Ground yourself. And be thankful for your happy feet.

Pick one or all three of these quick tips to love them up a little!

  • Find a can of something (or anything else that is round and can take some pressure). Pop it under your foot on the floor and begin to roll your foot over it. You will stretch out the muscles under your foot as you roll away. Repeat your foot gym on your other foot. Now point and flex your toes, and add a twirl of your ankles each way.
  • Get outdoors and walk barefoot. Sink your feet into the grass or sand. If you dare, walk over a few small pebbles. Mother Nature performs her natural foot reflexology as you walk. Imagine yourself grounding and connecting through your soles all the way down, down, down into Mother Earth. Start to feel her soul. Absorb and soak up her energy. Try to go barefoot as often as possible.
  • Get off your feet for 10 minutes. Grab a basin, add warm water, a handful of Epsom salts and a drop of lavender oil. Pop your feet in to soak your soles and your troubles away at the same time. While your feet relax, close your eyes and practice gratitude. Give your feet three reasons why you are thankful to them. Dear feet, I feel… I like… I love… Towel dry them lovingly, slather on your favourite cream, add a little massage and pop on a pair of socks to finish.

Ready, set, go. Their next step awaits you. And your happy feet thank you from the bottom of your beautiful soles.

Breathe. Ground. Happy feet.

Loving Kindness starts with you first. Treat your feet and then your hands if you have enough time. We often forget our extremities and the regular work they do.

I invite you to repeat after me. I love you left foot. I love you right foot. I love you left hand. I love you right hand. Now share this forward to someone else who needs this reminder too.

How do you love up your feet?

with a tiny foot squeeze, Delicia xxx


(Please note these tips are not meant to treat or diagnose, they are purely suggestions shared from my own experiences in order to support you in your own healing. If you need medical attention, please don’t hesitate to seek professional help.)

2 thoughts on “Healing hands : happy feet

  1. Such useful tips. I love it! Gonna try rolling a can or bottle under my tight arches. I feel very disconnected to my feet so these are practical tips indeed

    • You are going to love rolling your feet. I do. I used this exercise to stretch my arches after hiking the Camino to relieve the pain under my feet (plantar fasciitis). I still use it from time to time. It really works wonders! And is a super way to be more aware of your feet and grounding. Good luck xxx

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