Inspire your senses : kitty sitting in Echandens

Echandens castle through the vines

I have been kitty sitting Timy over the last three weeks. I have loved each moment with him and being near the pretty expanse of Lake Geneva. While in the French section of Switzerland, I have been improving my (few) French words while exploring. I am simply inspired by:

sight : Echandens is a small village not far from Lake Geneva and allows easy access to the lake and surrounding areas. I have been walking around the lake and exploring here, here, here and here.

sound : while watering the little veggie garden one night, I heard the rustling of leaves under the hedge and suddenly a hedgehog popped out. Timy and I got close enough to make eye contact. What a special encounter. Later that same evening I saw a smaller one up close and personal under the front hedge. Since then I have been listening for rustling leaves in the hopes of snapping a photo. No luck yet!

taste : tomatoes, peppers, radishes, lettuce, zucchini, strawberries and a variety of herbs; all fresh and raw from the garden to my plate make my belly deliciously happy. Three of my favourites in this unusual heatwave has been a traditional Caprese salad, this one and that one.

smell : the little patisserie in the village has tons of fine smelling pastries and a variety of bread. It is very hard to resist and I simply had to go down a few times to make some change for parking coins! My favourite is their eclair au cafe. And let me not get started on the broad selection of local cheeses, yoghurts and ice creams. Yummy!

touch : ouch! The sting of a bee, twice. Bees 2 : Delicia 0 … I love walking barefoot and the bees love the little flowers in the grass. Did you know that honey heals a bee sting? I didn’t. My soulsister G. recommended it and it makes total sense as homoeopathy believes that like heals like. It soothes the pain immediately and even a day or two later when the sting returns. I love learning new natural healing tips. My feet healed with the aid of honey, lavender essential oil and an ice cube.

energy : I felt her deeply. I watched her pass across the sky, La Luna. The blood moon was the longest eclipse of this century. Magnificent beauty in red. Did you see her?

last words : these have to go to the yin yang kitty. Timy has been lovable, entertaining, playful and great company. He’s quite the boy. He ‘attacked’ my legs as I walked past in the garden one night. I jumped sky high as I hadn’t seen him hiding. After my initial fright, I can smile about it. As I write this, we are trying to keep cool and waiting for his family to arrive home.

What’s inspiring your senses today?

simply sharing, Delicia x

6 thoughts on “Inspire your senses : kitty sitting in Echandens

  1. Oh, I can feel you there, enjoying your time! Thank you for sharing your precious moments 🙂
    Today I am enjoying the feel of the fresh air on my skin. After so many hot days with temperatures too far above my comfort zone, this is a really lovely change. I do like feeling the sun on the skin, though! Especially after a swim in the lake… which brings me to other great pleasures of the last weeks: listening to the lapping of the waves and watching the sky through the arms of the tree under which I lie. The contrast of the blue and bright green of the leaves in the sun is gorgeous.
    Today, I am also being with energies, but with a focus inside the body. Gently flowing with energy and listening to how my body feels and what it needs is wonderfully soothing and a great way of reassuring my body that I am taking care. But I feel the most delightful energies during healing sessions, so I am looking forward to being again with your amazing healing hands…

    • After I posted my reply I had a great ride with the bicycle. It was such a lovely evening that I had to stop on the way back to enjoy the sunset. As I was sitting on the bench under a tree and settling in the NOW breathing deeply, I noticed the beautiful concert that the cows were giving with their bells. I love cows and I love their bell ringing! Smile. This led me into an imaginary trip into Nature with all my senses. Feeling part of Nature reminds me that we are all connected and we should appreciate life every moment. So I was on the bicycle again for the last stretch and once home I celebrated life with a glass of wine mindfully sipped. Great taste. I know we were connected! Namaste.

      • It sounds like a divine ending to your day with all your senses feasting in and on nature. Nature truly is supporting you on your journey this year. I love it when the Universe conspires to bring us all we ask for and all we need. The Divine always knows. We are all connected. This I know. And it is one of the things I am most grateful for in my life – connection. A true blessing. Namaste.

    • How wonderful to hear about all the little gifts that Mother Nature is bringing to you this summer. Gratitude for sharing what inspires your senses with us here Annalisa. The temperatures have been super high during this heatwave over the last weeks and I was thankful to be near or in water a lot of the time too. May you continue to flow with the energies within especially at this powerful time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo today. New Moon blessings to you! And just pop me an email when you would like a healing session. Thank you for your kind words.

    • Laugh, me too, remembering him ‘attacking’ me. He is a loving yet crazy cat! I miss him a lot.

      The honey remedy is amazing. Within seconds the sting was gone! I can’t recommend it enough. My friend, I hope you never need to use it though.

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