Grounding light, energy and sealing meditation

 summer tree love

I awoke this morning with a strong desire to feel my body more grounded, energized and sealed in light.

This meditation topped me up and fed my soul with exactly what I needed in my here and now.

Maybe you could use some grounding, energy and sealing too?

I invite you to join me in meditation from my soul space to yours.

Find a comfortable position in a quiet environment.

Make sure you won’t be interrupted for a few minutes.

Take a moment to set yourself up for greatness.

Gift yourself this space to connect more deeply within.

Allow the magnificent presence of the tree to guide you.

Steady your roots and ground deep.

Spread your leaves and feel your energy centres expand.

Connect to the cosmos sealing it all in divine light.

Now let’s breathe in, breathe out and meditate together.

May it be so. Namaste soulsister / soulbrother for sharing time and space with me.

This personal meditation was created especially for my soulsister N. and is shared forward with her permission for others to enjoy too. (much gratitude soulsister N.)

Explore more meditations I’ve created over here and here.

Want your own personal meditation? I would love to create something special for you from my heart space to yours.

I always value feedback and look forward to connecting with you. Come say hello in the comments and let me know how it went for you or pop me an email and let’s chat.

with love, light and gratitude, Delicia

2 thoughts on “Grounding light, energy and sealing meditation

  1. my dear, such wonderful meditation! thanks so much, you know how much i need it. i’d love to have a meditation created for me by you. you know me well after all these years sharing our thoughts in this online world. hugs and love to you.

    • How great it resonated with you too Elizabeth. That’s really wonderful to know and get feedback. Thank you.

      I would love to create a personalised meditation for you too.

      Over on my meditation page you will find more information about it all and the process I use to create it. Just scroll down to the Meditations personalised for you and your soul heading.

      If you want one, please pop me an email to so that we can chat about it further. I would be so honoured to make one for you.

      We have travelled a long path and lovely journey together in this online space. Yay to blogs and social media! Maybe one day our paths will cross in person. How fabulous that would be! Namaste, love and hugs to you Elizabeth.

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