The gift and healing of Mother Earth meditation

the gift and healing of mother earth

Mother Earth, our home

her elements, our healing

breathe in, breathe out

earth, our grounding

fire, our spark

air, our spaciousness

water, our fluidity

breathe in

each one of her gifts

breathe out

open to her energy

breathe in, breathe out

the gift and healing of Mother Earth

and let’s meditate together


I made this personal meditation for my soulsister A. She has kindly given me permission to share it forward for others to enjoy. Thank you soulsister A.

Want one? Check out my work with me page for details on ordering your very own personal meditation (as well as other opportunities to work together). If this resonates with you, I‘d be happy to create something inspired, just for you. Simply pop me an email.

And if you’d like to explore more, you’ll find a selection of free meditations here.

with love, light and gratitude, Delicia

2 thoughts on “The gift and healing of Mother Earth meditation

  1. My dear Delicia, I loved to find your letter in my inbox today. I know this year hasn’t been a nice one for you and spite of it you can still create a beautiful meditation like this one. I’m so blessed to have you in my path, you are always inspiring me. Love and hugs for you!

    • My dear soulsister Elizabeth, thank you for your care and kindness.

      Yes, it’s been a very difficult year thus far. I know everyone is struggling and I can only hope it gets easier for us all. And until then, may we be well, may we feel supported and loved. That is my wish for us all.

      I am happily creating meditations again for orders that I have gratefully received, however, to be honest, this particular one was created a while back. I hope you enjoy exploring it. Would love to hear what you feel if you want to share?

      So grateful we are sharing this journey together too. Much love and hugs to you xxx

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