The nymph of the Rainbow Lake

lago di carezza

Explosions of turquoises, blues and greens fill my senses walking around this small lake lying at the foot of the spiky Latemar peaks. Beauty doubled as these westernmost Dolomite peaks reflect and dance upon the water’s surface. The smell of pine trees hangs in the air. Bright flowers scattered around the edges. Fish dart about in the crystal clear water.

When seeing the gorgeous colours of Lago di Carezza, it is not hard to imagine why the Ladin folk of Northern Italy named it Lec de Ergobando, the Rainbow Lake.

Legend says that the clear lake water was home to Ondina, a gorgeous water nymph. She loved to sing at the edge of the water. Her voice, crystal clear like the mountain air around, soon captured the attention of the wizard of Masaré. He watched on as she braided her blonde hair sitting on a rock singing sweet melodies on the breeze. And Masaré fell head over heels in love with her.

He used all his magical powers to try and capture the girl, but she always managed to escape him disappearing into the waters. Frustrated that he could not succeed, he asked the witch Langwerda for help. His friend suggested he stretch a rainbow from Mt. Latemar to Lago di Carezza, while he takes on the form of an old merchant. He could enchant the curious nymph with the rainbow and tales of the jewels she could make in the air. When she got closer, he could then easily catch her.

On waking the following day, the inquisitive nymph discovered the sparkliest rainbow she had ever laid eyes on. Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet. Excited by the colourful display, Ondina was about to set off and explore. Suddenly she noticed the wizard lurking behind a tree nearby. He had completely forgotten his disguise. Shocked and upset, she hurriedly dived into the lake never to be seen again.

Furious and angry, the sorcerer tore the rainbow from the sky and chucked it into the lake. The rainbow dissolved into the water spreading across the surface to give the lake its Ladin name, the Rainbow Lake.

Here’s a little ode to water and a water flow meditation to connect you more with this healing element. Enjoy!

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    • Dear Elizabeth, I love hearing the myths and legends behind places. It adds a level of mystery to it. And helps me to imagine a time long ago… Thank you for reading! Love and light xxx

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