The healing power of water

the healing power of water

I love water as much as I love trees. Ok, there are many things that I love in nature, so it is fair to say I love all the many aspects and seasons of Mother Nature.

After my reflection on trees in my post last week, I realized how often I seek out water just to feel the power of it. I actually get edgy when I haven’t been near or in water for a while. February really has been a month of reflecting on love, commitment and self-love for me. And I recognize again just how vital Mother Nature is to my journey and in my daily life.

Take a breath. Relax yourself. And feel the water washing over you.

Water cleanses, heals and nurtures my soul like nothing else. Yes, as a Virgo and an earth sign, I like to be grounded and feel my feet firmly on the ground. I am drawn to the earth in many ways. I love the beauty of the mountains, getting my hands dirty planting a plant, hugging a tree or just lying on the grass and feeling Mother Earth gently wrap her arms around me.

But water, oh that touches my soul and my feelings. No surprise, as water is the element of feelings and relates to our emotional sensitivity and intuition.

I explore water in a variety of ways and each brings healing power into my life. I have been drawn to water a lot lately and I hope one of these ideas inspire you too:

  • making sure I drink enough water as keeping hydrated is both healthy and helps to detox my body – we are, after all, mostly water
  • relaxing in a warm bath and letting my senses relax along with my body
  • diving into a refreshingly cold pool and swimming to my hearts content
  • floating and just letting go (of everything) – this is one of my favourite ways to relax in water
  • wallowing in a thermal pool and allowing the heated water to ease my muscles and my soul
  • and, inspired by a soulbrother, to visualize the cleansing effects of a strong shower seeing all that I no longer need swirling down the drain and away from me
  • watching the rain fall and enjoying kissing the rain as it feeds the earth again and gives us life
  • sitting at the edge of the water and allowing the stillness of the moment to carry me away…

Breathe. Relax. Feel the water energy.

Water cleanses, heals and nurtures me and brings me peace.

How does water feature in your life? Have you had your glass of water today yet? 😉

with healing light, Delicia

9 thoughts on “The healing power of water

  1. Hi mdssD

    All the things you say about water are so true.

    We have been living in Cape Town for 20 years now. Living by the sea is really a blessing, seeing and smelling the ocean everyday is just wonderful.

    But there is nothing that feeds my soul like a highveld thunderstorm. I grew up in Jhb where you would wake every summer morning to a pristine day, clear and hot. By the late afternoon the sky would go from bright blue to white with thick cumullus clouds, that you could watch billow up as if by magic. Then they would quickly turn grey and it seemed that the world got really dark.

    There is a saying about the calm before the storm, well it’s true. There was a point as the storm built where everything seemed to stop. There was a tangible moment when you could feel something raw and powerful was about to happen. It was as if every creature paused and held their breath, you could feel the excitement and the air became charged with electricity.

    And then…….. it would start with a low rumbling sound and everything would shudder, the rain would start to fall, big heavy, well spaced drops. Then….. Mother Nature poised like a master conductor, baton in hand, would work the orchestra into a chaotic frenzy of some dramatic concerto by a half crazy, madly talented composer. Lighting flashed across the sky, the thunder crashed and boomed and the well spaced raindrops turned into a deluge of water, with people running for cover and watching in awe.

    And then……. the storm would be over and in it’s wake a cool freshness would, replace the heat of the day.

    We have lived in Cape Town for 20 years and seldom does a summers day go by when I don’t look up at the azure sky and wish and will for the clouds to build.

    Thank you for reminding me and bringing all those sounds and feeling back to life.

    My soul longs for the perfect storm.


    • Dear ssGilli,

      I was caught up in your wonderful sounds and images of a highveld thunderstorm. Thank you for the lovely journey today! I have experienced a few myself when I was younger and visiting family; and boy, were they truly magnificent. Exactly the images your words brought to mind. You explained it so well and so true to life! Thank you mdssGilli.

      Isn’t it a magic moment, the calm before the storm? And how true that saying.

      I hope that your soul can continue to imagine the perfect storm and enjoy the experience in this way until you next have the opportunity to be in it.

      YssD x

    • Thank you for this amazing addition to the sound of water Gilli! I have never experienced something similar but your words tell me it must be really magnificent. And now I know why you are so keen on being in the eye of the storm 😉

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes, you described everything perfect about water. I love it as well, since being cleaned by it, to relax in it. I would add only more 2 details, the sound of the waves and the smell of the ocean. I miss them too much! The waves coming and going, it is like bringing peace and taking the stress away, and the smell of salt and sand, it is the perfect mix.

    • Yes! Those are perfect additions. I love and miss those too when I am not near the beach. And I really love the beach!!! The waves you described so perfectly makes me want to hear their crashing sound as they flow in and out. Thank you for bringing them closer to me again.

  3. I do love water… Well, I thought, until I read your post. It pushed me to think more. I do love the sea, but watching it, not getting in it. I DO love walking in the water, but not diving in it… I love a shower, but not so much a bath… I am not a fan of swimming… But I do love watching the sea, the waves… And breathing the fresh air that comes with the sea…
    Very recently I am learning to love the rain. It is very new to me and it is a slow process but it looks like it is in line with my goal of getting closer the Nature.

    • I loved reading your comment and it also made me think more about the different ways to love and enjoy water. I must admit I am a total water baby and love to be in it, but like you mentioned, I can also sit happily on a rock and watch the ocean or lake for hours. How lovely to hear that you are starting to enjoy the rain. It is great that you are following your goal and getting closer to nature. Wonderful! Wishing you more spring-like moments and less rain soon.

  4. As a water sign, and as I already wrote about it in my reply to the ‘Thermal wonders‘ post, I greatly love water with all my senses. Water is the element of feelings and it is just perfect for me for flowing gently with my emotions. So thank you for reminding us again of the wonderful healing power of water.
    In the last few months I have used showers to cleanse of negative energy. Adding visualisation to the swirling down the drain will make it more powerful. Thank you for sharing this, as well as for reminding us to kiss the rain. I used to (most of the times) dislike the rain, but since you made me notice how much the earth needs it to give us life I started to welcome it. Adding the wonderful ‘Kiss The Rain’ music of Yiruma eventually made me love it! no wonder that this musics reminds me of you and always brings me a smile.

    • It is wonderful that you have started to welcome and ‘kiss’ the rain. Water in all it’s forms is a really powerful tool.

      How funny, though divine, as ‘Kiss the Rain’ by Yiruma always makes me think of you. It is a beautiful reminder of our connection. Happy shower visualising!!!

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