Inspire your senses : self-love

self love with candlelight and flowers

My senses have been inspired by these simple self-love treats, in honour of February and St Valentine’s Day:

sight : beautiful white tulips I bought for myself to brighten up a dull ‘kissing-the-rain’ type of day. My soulsister C. always loved fresh flowers in the house, while my other soulsister C. often reminds me to treat myself with fresh flowers. So I did, ladies, thank you.

sound : the beautiful voice of Andy Mac of MacStanley singing An awareness of you. They are one of my favourite South African groups and you can hear some of their music here.

taste :  the texture (and taste) of my new found delight, chia seeds. Nutritious and delicious, plus 10 reasons to add chia seeds to your diet. I want to put in the good stuff, don’t you?

smell : burning fragrant candles and smudging with a POD popsicle to clear the air for new beginnings.

touch : putting my hand on the bark of ‘my’ tree, leaning my back up against her and feeling her. She is a grandmother tree and she brings lots of healing energy to everyone who crosses her path.

energy : getting to know my ‘new’ Goddesses of the New Light cards, that I discovered in a box left to me by my soulsister C. They are really gorgeous with powerful messages.

last words : Despite all these little self-love treats, the key for me is to love my self just as I am and for all of who I am, the light, the dark and the shadows. And I hope that you love yourself just as you are, a beautiful being of light! I like this gentle reminder from Louise L. HayLove is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of self-love!

And then spread that love to those around you!

What self-love have you given yourself this week?

with love, Delicia

9 thoughts on “Inspire your senses : self-love

  1. For today, love, peace and harmony to You from magic Loveland space. I am so happy you are taking such gentle care of you and inspiring us to do the same. The energy is amazingly good! Keep on 🙂

    Breathe in. It is all within. Breathe out. There is only love.

    PS. I need a bit more time to reply to all your beautiful thoughts of the last days… I will reply later.

    • During the last couple of weeks I have been very aware of love and had lots of fun shooting photos of all those heart shapes that I spotted everywhere, including a chewing gum spread on the pavement and a hole in the layer of snow starting to cover the street. This reminded me that I still wanted to reply to your beautiful thoughts on love, especially your last words on self-love that resonated so true. As Brené Brown pointed out, we are part of something not despite our vulnerabilities and imperfections (the dark and shadows you mention), but because of them. I am happy that this year you dared greatly sharing with us your challenges as you were taking ‘That hard first step’, but then also when you tried to ‘let go’, follow the ‘spirals of life’, ‘return to rituals’ and ‘sink deeper into chair’. These great and inspiring lessons of self-love made me smile and love you deeper for all who you are, a beautiful soul. Gratitude dear Delicia.

      Be You. Shine your light.

  2. Beautiful! I didn’t know about the self-love month, but I’m on the right track. I’m using all the tools to increase my self-love: journaling, photos, cards, yesterday I got “focus and peace” it’s really what I need! Your post is an inspiration! 🌷

  3. Not. practicing. enough. That is all I can say… I am working on this (too!), but I am definitely not very gentle with myself.
    Chia seeds are great aren’t they??? New to my diet too, I now add them everywhere!

    • Yes, chia seeds are really fabulous and I was so inspired by your photos on Instagram that I just had to try them. Yummy! I am also adding them to everything. So thank you again to you for the inspiration. 🙂

      Yes, self-love is a hard one, we are often harder on ourselves, rather than gentler. For me, I feel that recognising what I would like to be or do in terms of self-love, is a great first step in the direction I wish to go. And each step takes me closer to where I want to be. It is a process as I am sure you already know. So step gently forward one step at a time.

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