My game changer


How often do we stop, take a deep breath and simply remember to be grateful for all we already have?

We are always striving for more. More ease. More stuff. More joy. And then there ’s our real messy life! It is busy as we balance home, work, families, friends, fun and relaxation. A lot to squeeze into a day that is already full to the brim.

Yet this only takes a few moments out of our 86400 seconds that we have each day.

Just stop. Create space. And practice gratitude.

This little #momentofbreath creates space within the busy. Space to breathe in and breathe out in gratitude.

Gratitude is part of my morning rituals. It is my game changer. It has the power to turn my day around, change my mood, allow fresh energy to flow and open me up to magic. If I turn my focus towards the abundance (instead of scarcity) in my life, I attract and start to notice even more abundance as it flows towards me. Like attracts like.

It’s simple. Ask yourself what are you grateful for today?

I am grateful for…

  • Snail mail. Two weeks of happy post from my soulsisters (thank you!) full of thoughtful cards and goodies that make me feel like I belong. We all seek to belong.
  • Asking and receiving. My soulsister sister N. could connect and draw a crystal for me that gives me more insight into what I am currently processing.
  • Mother Nature. Noticing the birds in the tree take flight as the rain started and then circle round to land back in the tree. Oh, to stay, to go or simply to fly!
  • Life’s little essentials. Today this is a warm cup of tea, a full belly and a roof to stay cosy.
  • Deep knowing. I know that spirit has my back as I leap out of my comfort zone to create meditations. While pondering this, I received a sweet message from my soulsister ML. with confirmation and a sign! Magic abounds if we are open to it.

I could go on and on as I am feeling really blessed this month. These simple connections with my soulsisters, spirit and Mother Nature mean the world to me.

It truly only takes a moment.

Stop. Create. Gratitude.

Now it is your turn. Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

What are you grateful for today? Is gratitude a game changer for you too?

with gratitude, Delicia xxx