Photo walk : cracking art in Ascona

cracking art bird with a view

cracking art doorway meerkat

cracking art frogs

cracking art alleyway birds

cracking art palm meerkat

cracking art crocodile

cracking art balcony meerkat

cracking art bears

cracking art flying high birds

cracking art penguins

cracking art flying birds

cracking art wolves

cracking art lakeside elephant

cracking art castle meerkat

cracking art penguins at the lake

The unexpected animals of Cracking Art have invaded the streets of Ascona until 8th September 2019. Bright and cheery, these plastic animals pop up all over as one strolls around town creating an unusual look for this pretty lakeside town. The Cracking Art exhibitions around the world aim to sensitise mankind to our artificial mass culture and how we are losing touch with our natural values. Made from recyclable plastic, these vivid creatures inspire one to consider our impact on nature. This is a topic close to my heart and I always aim to walk lightly on our Mother Earth. Each little thing we do to protect our world makes a difference. No change or act is too small. This year I am reducing my plastic usage bit by bit. Will you make one small change today?

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simply sharing, Delicia

4 thoughts on “Photo walk : cracking art in Ascona

    • Hello Shalagh, I’m pleased you enjoyed the art wander. I felt you may. It is really such an interesting exhibition. I believe that they travel to different cities, so perhaps they end up close to you in the near future. Thank you for visiting my little soul space. Love and light, Delicia

  1. Dear Delicia, thanks for sharing such a beautiful place. Love the art animals, it’s so important to always remind people of the importance of the animals and plants to the survival of our Earth. Sadly, right now, the Amazon is burning and lots of plants and animals are suffering. Hope the fire can be controlled soon. Have a lovely week my friend.

    • Dear Elizabeth. I agree and I feel this exhibition was a great way to highlight the importance of nature in our world, and how plastic can impact it. I am also so sad about what is happening in the Amazon. I can only hope that the more awareness we spread about it, the more these practices will come to an end and we, humanity, as a whole, will learn to live in harmony with Mother Nature. Wishing you a great week ahead. Big hugs xxx

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