Self-love inspiration from a tree



Think of a tree. What thoughts come to mind first?

I think of stability, strength, grounding, reaching for the sky, growth, expanding and a way to link heaven and earth. What did you think of?

Breathe deeply. Stand firm. And reach for the sky.

These are the feelings that I feel when I am in tree pose (a yoga pose) too.

When I feel a little in need of grounding and when I want to find that space of stability again, or just simply when I want to practice a little self-love, standing in tree brings me right back down to the earth and grounds me.

It’s no secret that I love trees and yes, I do have a special tree here (and there). When I take the time to connect to her energy and truly feel it, it grounds me like nothing else. When I can’t get to her or another tree, standing in tree has the exact same effect. My feet sink into the earth, my back straightens, my breathing slows and my arms reach for the heavens. This is the magic that yoga and being on my mat brings to my daily life.

I practiced tree pose long before I had a regular yoga practice. It was one of the first poses I taught myself. Wherever I was, I could stand on one leg in tree pose and calmly enjoy my surroundings. I have many an interesting travel photograph with me standing tall like a tree in some beautiful spot. I still do it in strange places and it is still one of my favourite yoga poses. 😉

So today, or anytime you next feel the need to ground yourself, take a minute or ten, breathe deeply and gently flow into tree. Then feel the earth supporting you as you reach for the heavens. Now you can do anything!

And if you have never tried tree pose, I challenge you to try it just once to see how it feels to you. (Remember to only do what your body allows you to do and what feels comfortable to you and your body. Do not push yourself, this is about gentle self-care.)

Breathe. Stand. And reach.

What helps you to be present, ground yourself and show yourself some self-love? Please share your tip here.

simply now, Delicia

8 thoughts on “Self-love inspiration from a tree

  1. Hi mdssD

    I know you love trees, I have followed you around the world and have seen some of the beautiful trees that you have shared with me.

    I love trees to, not just for their beauty, but they provide shade and shelter as they stand over us. A home for the birds and other creatures, and a great scratching post for the neighbourhood cats. Yes the dogs like them to, but not for scratching or climbing 🙂

    They provide oxygen, fruit and nuts, all things I couldn’t live without, the list goes on and so does my love for trees.

    Thank you for reminding me how much trees really mean to me, and I will try to stand on one leg and pretend to be a tree.

    As you know I am not a yogi, I prefer boxing and martial arts, but I think I know what tree pose is. Ok!!!! So I just tried it, my balance is very good so that is no problem, but I got an instant cramp in my groin. So I now have a new respect for yogis and trees, oh! yes, and a cramp in my groin, thanks for that.

    So why don’t you just go and hug a tree or something.


    • Thank you Gilli for your lovely additions. You always have a special way of looking at things that surprises and inspires me. Indeed, trees provide shade, shelter, and home, as well as opportunities for climbing and scratching! By gathering so many creatures they inspire me a great sense of community and remind me the Oneness of Universe. So given my resolution of this year to commit to Oneness, they are a very good place for me where to sit quietly, breathe and recharge. But yes, there are also all the gifts of fruits, the beauty of flowers and leaves but also of their naked arms – isn’t Grandma Tree so beautiful now?

      Finally, as our soulsister Delicia beautifully reminded us, their grounding energy is simply amazing. They are really great examples of endurance and stillness. I know the tree pose is one of your favourite yoga poses Delicia, and I am happy you are coming back to it as good self-love practice. This is a simple pose (though at times challenging to keep still…) but also a very powerful one. The grounding while reaching for the heavens is simply magic!

      • Oh her naked arms are indeed beautiful now! I think she is beautiful throughout the changes of the seasons.

        I loved your imagery of the oneness and sense of community inspired by trees. Thank you for sharing your inspiration here.

        Yes, tree pose is simple and I love how some days it is so easy and other days we are reminded of how important balance or out-of-balance is. Each time I do tree pose, or any pose, I learn something new about my self or my body. A wonderful gift that yoga brings to my life.


    • Dear ssGilli,

      I am so happy you were inspired to try the tree pose, though I know you love boxing and martial arts. I hope the cramp was brief.

      I think you know that I hug trees often so thanks for making me smile.

      Yes, trees provide us with so much and I loved reading through your thoughts. Thank you for your sharing here. It always brings a smile and for this I am grateful.

      Love lots x

  2. Hi Delicia, beautiful post, the trees represent life and they are survivors with all the bad stuff that the humanity does to them. I love and appreciate trees as well. At the moment what makes me relax and grounding is a warm shower with a flower scent body wash, when I arrive at home stressed from my work I run to the shower and wash off all the stress, then I am ready for my family.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      What a great ritual and way to wash off the day and be ready to connect with your family. Such a lovely practice! My gratitude for sharing it here with us.

      I also love water and have been inspired by it so often. On the weekend I started forming ideas around writing about it and finished something which I added here today. And now reading your comment, it all divinely connects us. Magic!

  3. You got me here, and I will try it before the end of this week. I am not sure I will be able to keep the pose because of the balance, but I will let you know. Thanks for sharing the link to learn the pose.

    • Great that you are inspired to try it! Do let me know how you go please. A tip is to initially hold onto something and to focus your eyes on something stable ahead of you. Alternatively, you can keep your raised leg lower, even just above the ankle (but not directly on the knee), until with practice you feel you can take it higher. The nice thing about yoga that I love is that you only do what your body allows you too and that is different for everyone. Happy tree pose Steph!

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