Healing hands : energy

Tree energy

All is energy. Energy is all. You. Me. Nature. Life. The Universe. We are energy. And every moment we breathe energy with and into our world. Without it, we would not be here. We all know this.

We use our energy to do everything from taking care of ourselves, eating, cooking, washing, and sleeping to working, playing, learning, creating and following our passions.

The closer we are to our own connection with what is, the easier it is to feel and sense energy. I connect within on my yoga mat, whilst in meditation, being mindful while doing my work, getting outside into nature, walking, breathing and just generally being. I continually work towards taking my practice off the mat and into my everyday. This is exactly why we practice – to navigate our everyday ups and downs with more ease, flow, and grace.

I have spent most of my adult life seeking, studying and practising some form of healing and holistic therapy. My path to energy healing started with hands-on training by Patrick Desplace, then journeyed via Aromatherapy, Shiatsu and other healing modalities to my Reiki courses with Nicolette Grauso and Markus van der Westhuizen.

I believe in the power of energy to heal ourselves. Healing starts here with me. And you. And us. As a healer, which for me is all about being a channel for healing energy, any healing takes place for both the giver/healer and receiver/client. You are another me and I am another you. We are all in this together.

Breathe deeply. Ground strongly. And feel the healing energy.

Now let’s experiment, have a little fun and feel some energy together.

  • Sit quietly and rub your hands together to create warmth, feel the energy vibrating between your hands or place them in prayer or namaste position. Draw them apart slightly to feel the connection between them.
  • When a child hurts themselves, they immediately rub or hold the spot, because they instinctively know that their own energy heals the hurt. We can do the same. If you feel a spot of unease in your body, gently place your hands on the area and use your intention to send healing energy or simply love to your own body. Open to the flow and allow yourself to feel. What do you sense? Perhaps a tingle, some warmth, a little cold or maybe nothing at all. That is ok too.
  • Find a beloved plant or your favourite furkid and use your hands to try and feel their energy. Stay with it until you get a sense of their energy field around and little away from them. The more often you try to sense energy, the easier it becomes to feel something. Don’t give up.
  • Wrap your arms around your shoulders to give yourself an energetic hug or grab someone you love in a big bear hug. Share the energy around. Sharing is caring.
  • Place your feet firmly on the ground and stand up tall, now see your energy flowing into the ground for grounding stability and up into the cosmos via your crown for connection. Breathe deeply, hand on heart, hand on belly, deep breath in, deep breath out. Repeat often and especially whenever you feel the need to ground and connect. Meditation is an amazing way to become aware of the energy flows within.

Breathe. Ground. Feel.

The more we feel the energy, the more we attract. The more we allow the energy, the more it flows. Keep experimenting, find a local soul offering healing sessions for a personal experience or give a distant healing session a try. I offer distant Reiki Healing sessions (look in services) if that is something that resonates with you. Just drop me a line with any questions.

Did you feel the energy? Keep at it. Most of all, have a little fun!

big energy hugs, Delicia xxx


(Please note these tips are not meant to treat or diagnose, they are purely suggestions shared from my own experiences in order to support you in your own healing. If you need medical attention, please don’t hesitate to seek professional help.)