Thermal wonders

thermal wonders

Maori legend says that Ngatoroirangi, a tohunga (priest), guided the Te Arawa waka (canoe) to New Zealand. While exploring the central North Island he climbed Mount Tongariro and nearly froze to death on the summit. He called to his sisters in Hawaiki (said to be the ancestral home of all Maori and where their spirits return to) to send fire to warm him. His sisters heard his cry and sent the fire demons under the earth to warm him. Each time they surfaced, they left a trail of thermal activity in their wake. Geysers, hot pools and volcanoes were created. And so when they reached him, Ngatoroirangi was warmed and saved.

Breathe. Imagine. Warmth.

The word geothermal means heat from the earth. The Taupo Volcanic Zone has one of the greatest concentrations of geothermal activity in the world. The Maori used these hot springs for heating, cooking and for their medicinal properties. Then the Europeans arrived and also discovered the healing properties of thermal springs. Today this area still attracts many who enjoy the thermal zone.

I find that relaxing in warm thermal water has an amazing ability to heal, ground and soothe me. I was blessed to be able to enjoy the thermal or hot waters in New Zealand more than a few times.

Do you find water healing?

with love, Delicia xxx

2 thoughts on “Thermal wonders

  1. What a lovely legend! Thank you for sharing so much of the wisdom of the Maori that you have been experiencing along your journey in New Zealand.

    The healing of water is just amazing! Well, I am a water sign, so I might be particularly attuned to it 🙂 Water calms, supports, cleanses, purifies. I go to water when I need to tune to my emotions, to gently surrender to them and find a way to honor them. The best for this is the sea. Unfortunately this is too far away from here, but running water of a stream, of waterfalls, of a spring are also doing wonders. The main contact is through touch. Having a walk with my feet in water, bathing in it, and even just having a shower, soothe me bringing me back to the love of Universe from where we came. But I really like to use all senses. So I love drinking it (fresh from the fountain, warm for a tea), smelling it (ok, water does not have a smell, but you know what I mean 😉 … the sea, the lake, the river), listening to it (the backwash of the waves, the roar of a waterfall, the sound of a stream, the dripping of the rain), looking at it (the colour, the movement).

    Thank you my dear soulsister for inspiring me to take the time to think about all of this, and simply appreciate. Love, light and lots of water 😉

    • Your words brought me right to the water’s edge with you – almost ready to dive in. Gratitude for your sharing your experiences with water. I 100% agree that water has the amazing ability to heal, calm, cleanse and so much more. Like you, I find that when I need to ground myself or surrender to something, water aids that process for me. Sea is my first choice to, but I am as happy to get in the shower or bath tub too.

      Love and light and flowing, healing water energy to you x

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