Inspire your senses : a fountain full of roses

a fountain full of roses


Earlier this week I unexpectedly stumbled across a fountain right in the middle of Zurich full of roses.

Red, yellow, pink, white, orange, coral and all the hues in between jam packed and floating in the fountain.

All my senses were awakened in that one moment.

The colourful sight of the roses with the droplets of water shining on them, the sweet smell as I dropped my head closer to take a deep breath, the soft touch of the petals when I ran my hand over them, the sound of the running fountain water and the taste of it on my tongue. I stood spellbound enjoying the energy of the moment. It was so simple and so beautiful!

Someone had taken the time to create a piece of living art and I was deeply touched. I simply have to share it forward with this gentle reminder.

last words : Stop. breathe. And smell the roses.

simply sharing, Delicia

6 thoughts on “Inspire your senses : a fountain full of roses

  1. You’re blessed to find the roses. I love all of them, but I have a special love for red roses, they were my mother’s favorite. I always remember her when I see one. I planted red roses in my garden last spring. They came up so beautiful, this spring I will add more to make a lovely red roses garden. Thanks for this lovely post!

    • Oh, a red rose garden! That sounds so beautiful and such a lovely way to remember your mother. Happy planting and I hope you will share some photos this spring.

  2. Hello mdssD

    Just beautiful. Roses always make my mouth water, that’s not actually as strange as it first sounds. A lot of edible products are made from roses, probably best known is the rosehip which is especially high in vitamin C. In fact I have eaten a rose before, petals and all, well not the thorns!!!!!.

    Which reminds me of a funny story. I used to work for a Homeopath in Jhb, Sam told me one day that eating nasturtiums was one of the best ways to get a natural high. I was at a buffet event one evening and they had nasturtiums as part of a display, so I was telling my friends that they are edible and can make you high. We all had a giggle and then they dared me to eat one, which I did. Then as more of our friends arrived I had to show them my nasturtium eating skills as well. I must have consumed 4 or 5 flowers.

    Well Sam was right, they do make you high and I felt a bit out of it, for someone who doesn’t drink or do drugs it was a bit scary and I was nervous about driving home. So if you are going to try this out, do so with caution. I see them being sold in Woolies as salad flowers sometimes and I always wonder if people get high from them and don’t know why!

    Bon Apetit.


    • Hello mdssGilli,

      Yes, I have also seen more and more edible flowers being sold for salads. I think it is great that we are becoming more aware of all the wonderful things we can eat and enjoy as Mother Nature intended us too. Plus they really brighten up a salad, don’t they? I didn’t know that nasturtiums made you high, though I know they are edible. I will be careful before I try one, and maybe I will stick to trying one only!

      Thank you for sharing your flower eating story. x

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