African sunrise

african sunrise

Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel the stillness.

Watching this African sunrise not only grounded me as much as enjoying an African sunset does, but it also reminded me that while we are grounded and still, we allow ourselves the space to discover new beginnings.

This week has been one of stillness for me and I hope to pass a little of that stillness on to you through this magnificent sunrise. I am grateful to be able to enjoy the moment and see Mother Nature so busy at work painting the sky awake.

In. Out. Feel.

My gratitude to you for sharing this moment with me and connecting with all that is. Please share this stillness on with others that may enjoy the moment too.

with stillness and gratitude, Delicia xxx

ps. this African sunrise is especially for my soulsister P who challenged me in an earlier post 🙂

2 thoughts on “African sunrise

  1. I love sunsets. But challenged by Paulette in her reply to your grounding African sunsets, this summer I have been viewing and taking photos of several sunrises (I just downloaded my last one!). It has been a challenge to be up early enough, but breathing the energy of the sunrise (in and out, slowly) has been a wonderful way to start the new day with trust, knowing that it will be a good day. I do agree with you Delicia, sunrises create the space to connect to all that is and open up to new possibilities. My gratitude to Mother Nature for the amazing views, and to you and Paulette for sharing this. Namaste

    • Like you, Annalisa, I love sunsets but am discovering more and more pleasure in being up early to enjoy the stillness of a sunrise and listening to the early morning waking of the birds and life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and may each sunrise bring you many new possibilities. Enjoy each moment in the now! Namaste

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