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Finding my own sacred space of stillness and exploring this is one of my personal goals. I described a ritual of choosing my words for 2013 in an earlier post – they are simplicity, balance and stillness. I am enjoying practicing simplicity, I am struggling with my balancing act and I am slowing down to find my own stillness.

I have had some wonderful moments recently and I would like to share this stillness with you. I hope you can connect to it through my photos and feel it right now. I also post photos daily on Instagram at soulsisterdelicia.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Be still.

I experience my stillness not only by being still, but also through my moments of heart connection to my self, to others, to Mother Nature and to all that is. That pleasure in enjoying the present moment brings me what I am seeking in the now. It could be a brief moment, a few minutes or a longer period of time. Even a quick minute of quietness replenishes my soul. Mother Nature is a great stillness teacher, as is my favourite furry friend Max. She has definitely found it in her life and I can learn so much from enjoying time with her.

To find some stillness today and perhaps even right now, take a breath and try one of these easy ideas:

  • Watch the sun, the moon, a sunrise or a sunset
  • Go for a mindful walk around your garden or local area and notice the tiny things
  • Take your time to make a cup of tea, then savor each mouthful
  • Stop for a few moments to feel the energy of a tree
  • Sit down to just breathe in and breathe out a few times allowing yourself to let go
  • Find a quiet spot and gift yourself time for a short meditation
  • Spend a minute or two observing your favourite furry friend

In. Out. Still.

These work for me as I search for my bit of stillness each day, what works for you? Please feel free to share this if you know someone else who would enjoy it. The more we share, the more we have. 🙂

with love, Delicia xxx

6 thoughts on “Stillness

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Delicia, and your ‘work’ around your words for 2013. I have been meditating a bit about the connection between balance and stillness recently. Stillness is always a powerful magic moment, and it can take us by surprise coming as unexpected simple breakthrough also when we are struggling with balance. We might not understand it, but stillness is so powerful that we really do not need to seek anything else. It is all we need. So one does not necessarily have to feel balanced to experience stillness. But having some fun with balance exercises often paves my way to moments of stillness 😉
    Few things that work nicely for me are observing nature, taking a moment to think of and feel my heart connections, reading again what I wrote (if it is a time I could nicely flow with words to communicate!), feeling the energy of the moment, listening to (piano) music. But here I want to share with you the wonderful meditation I did last week. Full Moon, water, internalizing… no wonder it has been so amazing. Try it and enjoy!
    Namaste. Annalisa

    Stilling the Lake of the Mind

    Sit upright. Make yourself stable, tall and long.
    Just focus at the nostrils. Feel and observe the breathing happening by itself. Bring the palms of your hands together at the heart with thumbs touching the chest, and apply a very gentle pressure on the chest. Allow the breath without shaping it in any way. Become aware of two streams of breath, one that goes through your right nostril and the other through the left nostril. You might notice that one nostril is more dominant than the other. Exert a little bit more pressure with the thumbs at the chest and pay more attention to the nostril that is weaker. Feel that the nostrils become more balanced. When you find that your nostrils are balanced, relax for a minute bringing your hands to the thighs with palms facing up.
    Become aware of your brain. Feel or see your brain like a still lake. If a thought arises, return to the stillness of the surface. Stay there for a minute.
    Become aware of the back of your head. Bring your attention at the very back of your head at the same height of the eyebrow centre, and visualise a full moon at the back of you head. Meditate on the bluish silver ethereal body of the full moon at the back of your head, feel its presence, and feel it expanding in your consciousness, soothing and calming.
    Allow a bright ray of moonlight from the full moon over the lake and moving out through the eyebrow centre to the infinite. See the still lake of the mind shimmering with moonlight, magnetizing the third eye and going out to the infinite (few minutes).
    Slowly become more and more aware of the breath, feel the stillness and feel this is sealed within you. Bring the palms of the hands together, rub them, cap the closed eyes in the warm palms of your hands. Feel the energy of the hands soothing, calming, nourishing your nervous system. When you are ready open your eyes in the darkness of your palms and as you look into the palms slowly bring your hands apart from you.

    • My gratitude, Annalisa, for sharing your thoughts on stillness and how you find it in your life. I forgot to mention music but seeing you mention it reminded me too, thank you. I definitely also find happy moments of stillness in listening to beautiful sounds. And those sounds can transport me/us away to a magical place. I especially like the sounds of Yiruma that you have shared with me. What a gift it is hearing his music and hearing about him from you.

      Wow, I look forward to trying the meditation you shared. Full moon and water, all that emotional power. My thanks and I will intend to be ‘stilling the lake of the mind’. 🙂

      Namaste, Delicia

      • Yes, Yiruma is really special and always touches my soul. I feel you so clear when I listen to him playing the piano. Thank you for sharing him here with all soulsisters!

  2. I love having my early morning coffee outside, if there is no rain, taking note of what’s growing and what’s changed in my garden since yesterday. And listening to the birds singing every morning, especially Mr Robin. And looking what the weather will be like today, looking at the clouds floating around and seeing if I can see any shapes in the clouds.

    I love reading what you have written, love to you.

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