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This week I have noticed the visiting cats more. A few have been brave and stuck their heads in the door while I have been at the table writing. I am always happy to share a cuddle, as I simply adore cats. One or two are not bold enough to come that close yet, like the sassy ginger that takes a peep in and then shoots off the minute I make a move for my camera.

Some of these neighbourhood cats have made themselves at home and found a sleeping spot in the yard or shed. They inspire me to seek my own stillness and quiet space within my present moment.

Max and Coco ( not a cat but a very cute dog 🙂 ) don’t seem to mind the visitors too much. There is a little playful chasing around now and then. It seems they have all found a happy balance.  Their actions are a wonderful reminder of finding balance and sharing space.

Kitt is the most challenging to capture in a photo. She has always been a wild cat.  She actually lives here, along with Max and Coco. She eats outside on a windowsill and sleeps outdoors on the boat next door.

I aspire to getting a better photo of her, if I can get close enough! At the moment, she shies away the moment I bring my camera out. This shot I got of her was from a distance. It’s an ‘ok’ first attempt. Perhaps one day she will allow me to come a little closer.

Max and the visiting kitties have brought me lessons of patience and stillness, daily smiles and lots of cuddles. They inspire gratefulness in me.

What brings you smiles in your day?

simply sharing, Delicia 

8 thoughts on “Kitty love

  1. Hi MssD

    Thanks for sharing your furry friends, they are so cute. I currently do not have any furry or feathered friends living with me, unless you count my Bear, Victor. So I just borrow the neighbours furry children whom I find lying in sunny spaces and have the pleasure of stroking their soft coats and looking at their beautiful faces.

    They certainly add a lot of joy to a day.

    I had the good fortune to have grown up with feathered friends, a turquoise budgie named Georgie who had a big character and a really cheeky charm, he taught me to love birds. It made me realise that all creatures have a personality, but mostly I marvel at tiny birds that have a heart, lungs and digestive system and the ability to fly.

    WOW nature is truly amazing.


    • MssG,

      Your Georgie sounds like he had quite the character and that he brought a lot of joy to your life. Yes, I agree, nature is truly amazing. I love being reminded of that on a daily basis as we as humans are a part of it all. Wow! as you said.

      Love and light xxx

  2. I was walking slowly and enjoying the magic night few days ago when I felt on me the eyes of two attentive cats hiding in the wheat field. I passed by, they leaped in front of me to run forward full speed and then break to come to a complete stop. They turned to look at me, I laughed. I almost reached them, they started to run away, but a bit undecided they came back and got closer. I just stopped and smiled. The small cat was staring at me but he also glanced at the bigger one as if asking her what to do. I knelt down: “You want to play and cuddle a bit, I know. Come!”. The big cat slowly took distance pretending to be uninterested, checking if the small cat was following. But the small cat decided to approach me, tail held high, ears straight up and then… a wonderful long stretch of the paws to expose the claws. “Hallo, happy to see you!”. Then another pause, and finally he came to rub against me and be petted just by placing his head under my hanging hand waiting for him to come at his own pace.

    Beautiful inspiring ritual, isn’t it?

    This encounter made me think of this Kitty Love post and its follow up, Unconditional love. When I first read the post I had some thoughts on pet therapy and wondered why pets can be successful in healing when humans fail, and how Max is bringing you all the care and love you need in your now. The small cat I met this week brought me all the answers. With animals we know they are different and we respect them. We pay attention to what they communicate and make sure they get our friendly messages. We do not have expectations and take with gratitude each little sign of loving kindness they show us. With pets we are not afraid of showing what we feel. We are not afraid of being judged, of being hurt. And as we see them resting in peaceful state we do not feel threatened and relax, we let go the instinct of being protective with ourselves, we open up and simply expose the heart of the matter.

    With kitties communication is simple, clear and straight, focussed on what really matters. Shouldn’t we aspire to this with our Soulsisters?

    • Wow Annalisa, what a lovely encounter you had with the kitties and thank you for sharing your realizations and messages here.

      It does make such perfect sense and I guess with cats or animals we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. This is a very scary thing to do and as you said, animals have no expectations of us, so it’s easier to be vulnerable with them. This is the thought that came to me when I read your reply.

      I am reminded of listening to Brene Brown’s TED talk on The Power of Vulnerability. Amazingly insightful! It’s really worth a listen to.

      Gratitude to you for sharing it and putting it into such kind and loving words. I will walk with your thoughts, today especially. And yes, this is exactly what we should aspire to with all our soulsisters and with everyone who touches our lives. Much love and light x

      • Divine connection Delicia! indeed I was inspired by Brene Brown when I wrote about opening up and expose ourselves 🙂 Thank you once again for making her words reach me and for sharing the link here! I was amazed by her talk because it resonated so well with me and my story. You know, being a Cancerian I had a tendency to withdraw into myself and hide in my protective shell to avoid being hurt. It took me long time before I dared to open up and realised that by doing so I allowed amazing experiences bring purpose and meaning to my life. So, yes, I had experienced the power of vulnerability and it was great to find words of confirmation that supported me on that path. But the wonderful thing is that I received them through you, because with you (and since the beginning!) I just wanted to be out of my shell, and so I had the most profound experiences. Thank you dearly for being you and sharing you here. Namaste.
        PS I was also inspired by your photo of 5 June 2013 on Instagram, ‘Our layers protect the heart of the matter’

        • A divine connection for which I am equally grateful. Thank you and Namaste. ps. I am happy you enjoyed Brene Brown again. I think I should listen to it again and at some stage I hope to read her book too 🙂

  3. Hi Delicia, your blog is lovely. I’m happy I could see more pictures of Max. I love cats, they’re free and magic creatures. Few cats have something that attract me, I don’t know what it is. Max has this effect on me. Many years ago, I had a cat, his name Rex, and I had a special connection with him. Max remind me of him. Rex was white and grey, physically different from Max, but maybe the eyes! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Thank you visiting my blog and your sweet words. I too love cats and it makes me happy that you enjoy Max(ine) and her energy as much as I do. Your Rex sounds really special too. Thank you for sharing about him. Aren’t cats truly magical, as you said. I always think of them guarding the temples in days past.

      Max has a special place in my heart as she belonged to a very special soulsister of mine C., who was a good friend and ‘other’ mother, as well as my soulsister and mentor. My soulsister C. taught me so much about life, the universe and everything. Being with Max reminds me of how dear that heart connection was and how grateful I am for it. I have wanted to write about her for a while here, but as yet the words have not come. They will in time. Thank you for this opportunity of sharing a little about her.

      There are a few more photos of Max in Unconditional love, as she has a special relationship with Coco. She really does touch everyone she comes into contact with. Much like my soulsister C. did!

      Gratitude to you.

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