A balancing act


The synchronicities in life always astound me. I have been really struggling to find the words to write about my second word for 2013 – balance.

I smile at myself. I breathe in and out. I am balanced.

I need to rethink what balance means to me. It is so obvious. I expressed my desire to slow down, I had a fall as I was off or out of balance and I have been considering which way now. All this comes back to my sense of balance in my own life.

I went to my yoga class this morning, only to hear my teacher say that the class today is all about balance. Talk about messages from the universe! Loud and clear!!

I struggled more than usual with this theme in class today. Of course, I did. I am not surprised as thoughts about balance has been so present with me over the last few days. To overcome my out-of-balanced self, I grounded myself, stood strong, breathed in and out; and did the best I could. And the biggest part of it all was that I accepted that perhaps I am a little off balance right now; and that’s ok.

Smile. Breathe. Balance.

Following my own flow, I will write about balance more another time as I am not ready yet. I will allow what inspires me to flow the way it will. That’s life, isn’t it.

My soulsister A reminded me very gently and kindly that we need to feel what out-of- balance is, to know exactly what in-balance is to us and what it means in our lives. I am grateful to her for sharing that wisdom.

The universe is powerful, and if we follow her flow and listen to her guidance, we will find what we seek. And so it is. We just need to be open to accepting it.

Do you have any thoughts about balance?

with gratitude, Delicia x

4 thoughts on “A balancing act

  1. Balance, oh my! I started with accepting that one cannot always feel great, recognised that the ups and downs are both part of life and tried to flow with them hoping that the downs will soon transform into ups. Then one evening when I was practicing some balance poses on my mat, I experienced the physical out-of-balance and suddenly realised the importance of being with it with full awareness in order to find where the point of balance is and understand how to reach it and stay there still, completely effortlessly.
    But in the last weeks I experienced something completely new that transformed my way of feeling balance. Going through a pretty challenging period I spent some time in meditation with my focus on balance. Instead of fighting against the out-of-balance moments, wanting to get rid of them, I just tried to be with them. I embraced them with gratitude. Then I felt that the moments of what we think is out-of-balance are part of the balance. There is no one without the other. There is no duality, they are part of the same thing, they are moments of that continuum that makes balance. It is our idea of out-of-balance that takes away happiness from the moment and makes us feel troubled. But if we are able to be in the here and now, to live the moment, we will be free from pain. Of course when I step out of the mat balance is more dynamic than still. Laugh! but flowing mindfully with each and every moment of it I can reach stillness within. And I feel happy of where I am. Sharing these great insights is really wonderful joy.

    Thank you for sharing your ‘balance’ word and your journey with it Delicia. I am happy to feel that you are also finding how to be with it with trust.

    Breathe in. Feel the balance. Breathe out. There is only balance.

    • I needed some time to be with your words on balance and out of balance. They are indeed part of one and the same and I agree with you that we need both to feel the ONEness of it all. Your sharing of your balance experiences makes me smile and brings joy to me too. Thank you.

      My journey with balance last year has been an important one for me. I have learnt more about how I feel about it in my life and on my journey. And this was the important part for me. I am also aware of where I feel I could be more accepting of my state of balance (in or out of it, so to say). Perhaps we are just harder on ourselves. 🙂

      As you mentioned, the trusting of life to bring us all we need is key to that sense of balance. I do trust that each moment, whether I perceive it as balanced or not-in-balance, is just as it is meant to be – perfect! And this is perhaps my clearest message for myself around my word of balance.

      Breathe in. Breathe out. We are in balance just as we are.


  2. Thanks Delicia to show me this post. I’ve just read today (blog or book?) we should try to find the balance, never be to happy, never be to sad, but always in equilibrium, I think it was a quote from Buddha. And now I read your post, it’s really a universe connection. Have a great week!

    • Dear Elizabeth, how wonderful to notice the divine connections that do exist and bring magic into our lives each and every day. I love the quote and it is similar of the yin yang philosophy of having a bit of white within black and black within white to create the movement towards and around balance. According to yin and yang, balance are only brief moments which are surrounded by the movement of one to the other. Equilibrium indeed. Wishing you a week full of balance, joy and love. x

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