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Many moons ago I was inspired by a gorgeous soulsister of mine L. to adopt one of her rituals. At the end of each year, I make the time to focus on which words to take into the new year with me. Just three simple words!

These three words allow me to focus my attention on the areas in my life that I wish to explore and grow more. You need to define and understand (for yourself) what you mean by your chosen words. That is an important part of the process.

This ritual has become a regular practice that we still share every year. Through sharing it, we are accountable not only to ourselves, but also to each other.

As the year draws to a close, we always take time to reflect on our three words again, individually and together. We can see how they have accompanied us, where they had an impact and how we grew ourselves in those areas of our lives. We can also see where we may wish to learn more. There is no right or wrong, it’s just about reflection, intention, focus and understanding yourself better.

During the year, it’s great to remind yourself of your words and bring your attention and focus back to them. I have found little ways to integrate them into my daily life – a note to myself, a reminder on my phone, a message in my journal. And by making my words known and part of my life, I am reminded in many small ways to be more conscious of them during the year.

I want to share my words that I chose at the beginning of this year for 2013 with you all now as you walk with me.

Simplicity. Balance. Stillness.

This morning I sat down with my journal to contemplate how these words are part of my life in the present moment. As this is the only moment I have, the now, I wanted to reflect on my words today. It’s a wonderful way to bring myself into my now moment, while also thinking about how I wish to walk through the rest of this year. Time goes by so quickly that it’s a lovely feeling to be able to slow down and reflect a little.

I want to practice simplicity, feel balance and explore stillness more.

Of course, there is a lot of depth to each of these words and I may share a little more about them here sometime in the future.

For now, and in particular today, I just gently wish to remind myself and bring my focus back to my intentions for 2013. And perhaps inspire you to reflect on your intentions for 2013 too.

Simplicity. Balance. Stillness.

What intentions did you set for 2013? Do you share your intentions with anyone?

simply sharing, Delicia x

9 thoughts on “My words for 2013

  1. My 2013 is a year of rest… taking the time to enjoy the beautiful moments after many years of transition and healing. Letting go of my fears and dramas and having the courage to be calm and trust without doubt in my abilities, my decisions, my heart or my intentions.

    • Wow, your intentions are wonderful! I wish you joy and happiness on your path of rest this year and may it bring you all you need and want. And remember to trust in yourself, always. You have amazing abilities soulsister. Love and light x

    • Wow, that sounds amazing! What beautiful intentions you set for you. Thank you for sharing them so plain. Nothing but you can stop you, so trust yourself! I wish you the strength and courage to always be ‘just’ you, like you did here. Enjoy the journey and the simple moments.

  2. Yes! I was inspired, by you, to choose a word for the year. I only chose one word, as a rank beginner I decided to start slooowww.

    I shared my word with you, I’m sure you remember what it is, as you remind me frequently.

    ‘KINDNESS’ I smiled and thought it would be an easy one. Not so, it has been incredibly challenging. I believe I am capable of incredible kindness, I love animals and am in a profession where ‘kindness’ is key.

    That is not where I struggle, it’s the people that I am not feeling kindly toward that I fail and where being ‘kind’ is a four letter word not to be mentioned in polite company.

    Kindness toward myself, yes! I am one of the people that I don’t always feel kindly toward, which can be most challenging, as I have to live with myself. So I thank you for your gentle and kind reminders to be kind to myself too.


    • Our words really do challenge us. I have also found that. I guess that is why we choose them 😉 so that we can work with them and learn and experience through them. I am also as grateful for your reminders as you are of mine. So thank you for sharing this practice with me. xxx

  3. Yes, you shared your words with me and I love them. I notice that the order reflects the difficulty, but they are so connected one with the other that when you get all them at once the combination can only be magic! You are doing a good job. Keep practicing ☺ I wish you will find what you need.

    I also shared my intentions with you, but want to go through them again here. Simplicity is also the first one in my list ☺, but my other main focus is communication, to allow the sharing of the joy of such simple moments and the expression of gratitude that reminds me what really matters. Then I knew I would have done lots of breathing and I would have kept on working with energies and flows. Oh yes, I knew it but I did not expect these to be so intense! And finally I wanted to have unconditional love leading me, which is probably the most challenging bit.

    I wanted something to help me finding my way, so I tried to put all of this together in a motto. I decided for ‘It’s a good day’. A good reminder to appreciate not only the good there is in the now, but also in the hard times as there is a lot to learn… and learning the lesson is what makes us so special!

    Love and light

    • ‘It’s a good day!’ is a wonderful motto and daily reminder of your intentions. You have shared it with me before and I love it, as it fits so perfectly to you and also so simply with all your other intentions. I hope that your intentions bring you all your need and want for this year. Remember to trust yourself and as you do, to follow the flow. I know that you do 🙂 it so awesomely.

      I think that connecting here also matches very well with your focus of communication and desire to share the joy. It is such a nice way of working with your intentions and taking action. Thank you for sharing the joy here!

      I also like ‘it’s a good day’, because as you pointed out, it allows us to appreciate the balance of life – the challenge of accepting the good and hard all in one. Divine.

      Love and light and gratitude x

      • Yes, I also thought that connecting here matches well with my focus on communication, though it is all happening by itself. I can only be grateful to you. You opened this path for me and I just stepped in effortlessly 🙂 Thank you my dear soulsister!

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