Seasonal cycles

spring to autumn overnight


When I left Switzerland the weather was changing from winter into spring and the sun was starting to shine more often, plants and buds were sprouting and temperatures were slowly rising. Mother Nature was gently awakening after her long winter slumber. She was getting ready for her new cycle and slowly making changes to be able to flow into the next season effortlessly.

I arrived in Cape Town and here Mother Nature was also at work. Well, she is always at work, isn’t she? The temperatures are dropping and there is a definite chill in the air especially in the morning and evening. The southern hemisphere has moved from summer into autumn now. And Mother Nature, being true to universal laws, takes from one and gives to the other to keep that precious balance.

It was an overnight change from spring to autumn for me, so my body was very aware of the small differences. I love all the seasons equally and enjoy being made more aware of them.

Mother Nature is a wonderful teacher. She reminds me to go slowly into changes. If we rush it and go against the flow, we become unbalanced and often miss the beauty in the change. But if we gently acknowledge and accept it, we can flow with it and see the everyday magic that is afoot.

One of my favourite authors always reminds me of this with his quote.

Smile, breathe and go slowly – Thich Nhat Hanh

I am going slowly. I am grounding myself by walking on the beach, feeling the seawater flowing over my feet (it’s a bit too cold to go in now) and enjoying the magic of each day and every African sunset. I am preparing myself.

I smile. I breathe. I go slowly.

Today started with beautiful sunlight as I stepped into a new yoga class. As I have been especially conscious of my words for 2013 over the last week, it is a divine start to my day and the new week. In light and stillness. I believe it is so important to set your intentions for your day and your week.

May you also go into your week with light and stillness.

Smile. Breathe. Go slowly.

Are you aware of how you start your day and your week? What intentions do you have? Please share your thoughts here and strengthen your intentions. And if you think someone else may also enjoy reading this and connecting here in this space, please feel free to share it so that they may also walk with us.  🙂

with light and stillness, Delicia

2 thoughts on “Seasonal cycles

  1. We have spoken often about the seasons, especially when we were living on opposite sides of the globe, you in the northern hemisphere and me here in the southern. The hotter it got here the colder it got there and visa versa. It was nice to share a little of your sunshine on a cold winters day and a little snow when the temperatures soared into the upper 30s here.

    Enjoy the beautiful autumn Cape Town days.

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