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During my yoga class this morning, I realized how important my daily gratitude practice is to me. I have been practicing gratitude for many years but am always happy to be reminded in some form or another. I also recalled a great blog post by Tammy from recently and this inspired me again today.

The last week was busy and I want to walk into this new week in gratitude. By being mindful of the things I am grateful for in my life, my whole being shifts into a more positive energy. My outlook lifts and my focus is stronger. I am happy. I love feeling this and want to share my gratitude here with you.

Today I am especially grateful for:

  • the unique understanding, love and connection that a very amazing soulsister C.  brought into my life and continues to bring into my life.
  • that my basic needs are fulfilled in a simple way.
  • that I feel challenged today to express myself through writing in my journal and here and this makes me really happy.
  • that I am surrounded by special soulsisters and soulbrothers and I can feel the heart connections so strongly in my life each and every day.
  • that I was able to enjoy the Reiki training on Saturday and feel the wonderful energy during sessions with my sister. Wow!
  • Mother Nature for teaching me to slow down and appreciate everyday beauty on my doorstep.
  • that taking photos inspires me and I love that I can pass that inspiration on by sharing them.
  • for all the sun, colour and chakra energy in my world today – it is all so blue – throat chakra energy for communication and expression.

I want to send you all lots of blue energy for a week full of joyful expression.

gratitude, Delicia xxx

If you are inspired to and wish to share, please tell us what you are grateful for today.

6 thoughts on “Inspired gratefulness

  1. Thank you for passing on your blue energy!! There are so many things to be grateful for, but here are few from today’s inwards day…
    • I am grateful for early hours in the morning listening to birds singing
    • I am grateful for trusting Universe
    • I am grateful for feeling energies and following the flows
    • I am grateful for tears – just living the now
    • I am grateful for our special connection
    • I am grateful for going through as a way out
    • I am grateful for messages sent by my body
    • I am grateful for lessons from life and being here, on my path
    • I am grateful for energies of the Universe that make us closer – we are all ONE
    • I am grateful for inspiration, sharing, and communication, for the power of photos ( ☺ ), words, and silence
    • I am grateful for your beautiful smile – say ‘yes’ to life, whatever it brings you!
    • I am grateful for feeling gratitude
    • I am grateful for all you brought into my life

  2. Great one GF…

    Love the gratitude, I make time to review my gratitude when I drive the road to school and back – every day… Fantastic practice…


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