Slow down

table mountain panorama

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Life has a wonderful way of bringing us what we ask for, although sometimes not really in the way we may expect it. It is amazing just how much power we have with our thoughts and words. We need to use them with care.

I have been reminding myself to slow down over the last week as I was hearing my body asking me to go a little slower. I was attempting to, but wasn’t quite getting there yet.

Well, the universe jumped in and helped me out yesterday. Or tripped me up a little 🙂 and I had a small fall. Just life! I am feeling bruised and sore today, but I am ok. I am extremely grateful as my angels were working overtime and taking care of me.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Be calm.

I did get the message loud and clear though. I need to pace myself a little better. And so I am doing just that! This also ties in nicely with one of my words for 2013. Stillness. So I will take time to be with the things that inspire me, like a gorgeous African sunset or ‘my’ Table Mountain.

In. Out. Calm.

I was made aware again of how I need to be more careful about what I ask for and how I use my words. They carry such incredible power. Sir Lawrence Olivier reminds us of this in his rendition of Time. Take a moment to listen to it. It is simply beautiful.

Have you had any similar experiences where life has helped you out when you needed it?

simply sharing, Delicia

2 thoughts on “Slow down

  1. Be careful indeed, what you ask for and how you word it. A few years ago I kept saying that I needed a break. Well I dropped a 5kg weight on my toe at the gym and it broke, my toe, that is! And I got a few days ‘break’ from running around. 🙂

    Slow down, and enjoy.

    Luv Lots

    • Oh Gilli, I hope it healed quickly. We do need to be really careful, don’t we? As we really do get what we ask for. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience here. And thank you for the reminder and care – I am slowed down this week. Love lots x

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