Green Coromandel

gentle sunset

warm welcome

amazing nature

grounding with water earth and green mussel

flowing at the beach

magical sunset paradise

breaking dawn

rainbow of protection

light beach sunset

green green green mother nature


After a long, long flight forward in time to New Zealand, I have spent a few days grounding myself and reconnecting with nature, spirit and myself. And of course, catching up on sleep! It has been magical time of stillness and energies for me. Mother Nature has been really good for my soul.

While I am enjoying my still space, I would love to share some of my first impressions of the Coromandel peninsula with you. I will be back with more photos soon, as well as some writing. 😉

I hope you enjoy my first impressions and please join me as I journey through New Zealand.

simply sharing, Delicia xxx

2 thoughts on “Green Coromandel

  1. Hi MssD

    Thank you for the virtual tour. NZ looks really lovely, hope you find your healing there, with Mother Nature.

    Keep sending those photos my friend, it’s so nice to go on your travels with you.


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