Inspire your senses : opening



This week my senses were inspired by these simple pleasures that I would like to share with you:

sight : reading some of my favourite blogs, and in particular this article about the pursuit of the art of living really made sense to me. I really enjoy Leo’s zen approach, easy reading and useful thoughts. There’s some good stuff on his blog.

sound : loving the gentle sounds of Karin Leitner‘s Soul Alignment cd that I was gifted by my soulsister A. and opening to a world of possibilities through shared meditations with my teabag friend and soulsister G.

taste :  discovering dried raw kale chips this week and boy do they taste yum. Plus a bonus, they can be part of my healthy eating plan. I can’t wait to find them in a shop closer!

smell : needing to take gentle care of my self earlier this week, I hopped into a warm relaxing bath with lavender oil to calm my body and soul. Lavender essential oil is a firm favourite of mine, not only to relax and unwind but also for headaches, sleeplessness and burns. It has tons of other uses too. A lovely ‘girl’ oil! 🙂

touch : grounding myself and getting my hands into mother earth by making a tiny salad patch with three varieties of lettuce and some tomatoes. I am watching them grow, speaking to the salad fairies and hoping for yummy home-grown salads soon.

energy : spending time with my soulsister P. and being a ‘body’ for her reiki. What a special experience and connection. Gratitude!

last words : I wish you a happy weekend and I leave you with this quote from Mahatma Ghandi  –  ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’. I am continually inspired by this to walk my journey, help the world as I can and be true to me.

What has inspired your senses lately?

simply sharing, Delicia x

6 thoughts on “Inspire your senses : opening

  1. This is a wonderful post Delicia, thank you! Thank you so much. This week I’ve spent some time with an abused horse. It opens my senses completely when I have to bring another soul to the present and open a new door for them. It leaves me with a huge sense of gratitude. Have a wonderful weekend! XO Maria

    • Thank you for visiting and reading Maria. I am so happy to see you here.

      Opening a new door for another soul is a magical experience and I can see from your beautiful photos that you have a wonderful and special connection to horses. I love that you compiled a book of Mustangs and wish you every success with it.

      Enjoy your weekend.

  2. You had a really wonderful week! thank you so much for sharing your special moments not only through connection but also here. I can feel stillness through all your senses… hope you can bring it with you as you walk your next steps 😉

    I love the quote from Mahatma Ghandi. I have been with it in the last few weeks, trying to figure out how to be true to myself, and have my message not only going through but really bringing the change I wish to see. I guess the secret is hard work, trust, and patience. I am so glad to see you on this way, gently opening up and doing so much to inspire change… I am sending you deepest gratitude Delicia. You are a special soulsister. Namaste

    • There is deep stillness and also lots of joy in sharing. So it makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed it too. I hope that I can take that stillness along with me more and more. It seems easier.

      I trust you will find your way and embrace the change you want to see for yourself and in the world. You are on an incredible journey, Annalisa, and I feel you can be very happy with all the steps you have taken towards yourself. I think there are many secrets, but yes, hard work, trust and patience are important ones. Along with that I would like to add listening (to your higher self).

      So happy to have your company, support and care on this path we walk together as soulsisters.

      Gratitude and love and light

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