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Today is all about being gentle with my self. I am grateful that I am often reminded of this by my caring soulsisters (and soulbrothers 😉 ). I am really blessed to have such special souls in my life. Thank you.

I planned to write something here today, but it seems that it is not going to work out that way. That is ok. Rather I choose to follow the flows and listen to my body speaking rather loudly to me. It is telling me to take gentle care today. And so I will.

Here are some of the things that I do to take care of myself:

  • I love making a gratitude list every day as it reminds me of all my blessings in my life.
  • I find water and a way to get into it to heal my soul and wash away all that I no longer need.
  • I walk outdoors to breathe in new fresh air and let the ideas flow.
  • I ground myself to mother earth by standing firm or I connect to ‘my’ mountain.
  • I feel some cuddly love from my kitty friend, Max.
  • I treat my self to a simple something that is especially special to me, like a cup of warm and really tasty tea.
  • And the hardest one for me, I be still, do nothing and be ok with that.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Be still.

I have the expectation of myself that I should be doing something productive as often as possible. So being still is a hard one for me. Yet I continue to integrate it, practice it and allow myself to feel it more.

I have ticked most on that list today. I feel that I am being gentle with me and I feel good about that. So now I am off to practice stillness and do nothing. 🙂


What do you do to take gentle care of your special self? Please share your ideas as a comment. I would love some new thoughts to try out.

with lots of gentle care to me and you, Delicia

10 thoughts on “Being gentle with me

  1. Well done Delicia! It is nice to know you are taking gentle care of you 🙂 As you will read it seems we were well connected…

    Today has been a full ‘me time’ day. I started with allowing some longer sleep since I really needed it. Then I looked for water and had a long warm lavender bath. I took some time to be with my gratitude moments and connect with soulsisters. I cooked a yummy curried carrot soup. I had a brief writing meditation and took care of my body by practicing a series of Dru Prana Kriyas. I went out to soak the sun, breathe some fresh air and look for some more water – I almost dove into the Weiher! Then I visited the Tree and did some breathing to bring myself into the NOW, feel it is all within and ground. I bought Eat Pray Love (the book! I watched the movie but I was told the book is better) because I need to absorb in the reading. I enjoyed yoga connecting with you and Max during meditation, sharing with you stillness at the heart.

    Hmmm… it seems I have been through your list 😉 But I have a couple more important things to add. Forgive yourself accepting whatever you feel, and allow love & to be loved. Because you are loved. Know this.

    Thank you for this wonderful post. And keep having gentle care of you. Always! Namaste

    • This morning I am going through some notes from the Inspired Living workshop with Savitri MacCuish (she is a very inspiring soul, so if you get the chance to meet her don’t miss it!) I attended last week and feel I want to add something…

      We were asked to give each other a short body treatment and as we were receiving it we were gently told: allow someone to take care of your body and give you love. It might sound obvious but it is not at all. I know one of the best ways of being gentle with me is receiving shiatsu from you because the body feels that gentle breath of love, I am reminded that ‘someone’ ultimately has to be myself, and I slowly learn to open up and allow love. Well, I wanted to let you know that yesterday I asked for shiatsu and received it from you in spirit. I am so grateful I have no words.

      One last note from the meditation at the end of the workshop which connects to forgiveness and stillness at the heart I mentioned previously. Be grateful to yourself, even if you are not perfect. Don’t judge. You are doing your best to be true to yourself, lo live aligned with your values and your nature. Just continue this way.

      Stay at the heart, breathe in love, breathe out love and light, and spread it to the world. Be grateful to yourself. You will find stillness and there will be only love. I am sure your soul will be happy!

      • Dear Annalisa,

        I am pleased you asked and received it. It sounds like another moment of divine connection. I love your reminders from the workshop to allow someone to take care of your body and give you love. It is obvious but also not at all obvious, as you said. A lovely reminder to be more aware for what is obvious and bring it into our lives again and again.

        There is only love. We are all one. Thank you for sharing the messages from the meditation. Beautiful!

        Breathe in love. Breathe out love and light. Spread it all around.

        Continue to spread your light.

    • Indeed Annalisa, we are very connected and it sounds like you had a wonderful day being gentle with you. I am so happy to hear that. I also chose to take a long lavender bath as part of taking care of me and getting into some water. It was lovely.

      I love Eat Love Pray and have read the book which is really good. I am sure you will really enjoy it and I know you will be absorbed by it. What a great choice.

      Thank you for connecting and sharing. It makes my heart happy. And gratitude for the ones you have added. Just divine!

      Be gentle with your self Annalisa.


  2. Hi! I found your blog through instagram. Love the photo’s there. You live in a beautiful country. I loved the grounding comment in the Table Mountain pic. What a good way to remind oneself of being grounded.
    I try to do most of what is on your list. Being still is something I recently added and needs to become more of a daily habit. Other treats: Pilates and yoga classes, a bite of good, dark chocolate, sitting on our garden bench, soaking in the sun and sounds of nature.
    I also started a year of growth, with classes in chakras, intuition, grounding, etc. just had the first weekend and truly enjoyed the me-time!
    Warm regards from Amsterdam, Caroline

    • Welcome Caroline! So lovely to see you here and thank you for reading along. Thank you for checking out my photos on Instagram. I loved your colourful images I found there too. Beautiful!

      Thank you for connecting and sharing your ideas on how you take gentle care of you. I wish you joy and happiness for your year of growth and enjoy the journey. It will be wonderful and divine!

      I too enjoy yoga and try to make it a daily practice. It has really grounded me while bringing a lot of stillness into my life, along with good stretching and breathing of course. Oh, there are so many more benefits.

      Warm regards and keep taking gentle care of you x

  3. Hi mdssD


    Hmmm, not something that I am very good at, as you know I have ants in my pants. However the little time of meditation that we do together, well together on an astral level, that is, are really good.

    For me the word ‘stillness’ always conjures up the image of being in the eye of the storm. A place where despite the chaos spinning around you, you can remain centred and still. It is not a time frame or a physical state, like with meditation, but something that we should strive to carry around with us in every moment, in every situation. It is a place where there is no fear or judgement.

    So, for me, the few minutes that we snatch from our busy day to sit in meditation, are like small reminders of what we should strive for in every minute, they are like dress rehearsals on the stage of life.

    I thank you so much for doing those dress rehearsals with me, they really do make a difference, if just to remind and refresh.

    With much love and gratitude for sharing.


    • Thanks for your thoughts Gilli! I love your image of being in the eye of the storm (though it does not have to be stormy all the time 😉 ), a place where there is no fear or judgement.
      By sitting in meditation we undress, learn about our true nature and become comfortable in our skin. What happens with regular practice is that at a certain point you will go back to the stage of life completely naked and therefore will not have to play a role but simply be You. You will be the master of yourself. This is what my teachers told me. I am not there yet, but getting much closer 😉 Enjoy your meditation!

      • Gratitude for sharing, Annalisa. I hope we are all working towards simply being our selves.

        I definitely wish to be simply me and walk my talk as then I feel most comfortable with my true self.

        And with practice I will be simply me. And you will be simply you. And we all will be simply us. How beautiful it will be!


    • Hi mdssGilli,

      I love your eye of the storm image and finding the stillness in the centre! Our shared moments of meditation are indeed the practice for what we should carry with us every minute of every day. It is a wonderful dress rehearsal that I am so very happy to be sharing with you. They refresh, remind and reframe our intentions for our life and for finding our place of stillness in our life. Just magic!

      Love lots

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