Kissing the rain

kissing the rain


I woke up in the middle of the night last night to hear the raindrops crashing down loudly. It is glorious to hear the full force of Mother Nature and to know that I am warm and safe all tucked up in bed. What a delicious feeling to simply be able to roll over and go back to sleep knowing I still have time. Time to dream. Time to sleep. Time to listen to the raindrops as they drummed out their reminders to me of how vital the healing power of water is to all life and me.

There is a moment this morning that I reflect on how important choice and perspective is. One can choose to kiss the rain and enjoy its natural beauty or one can be disappointed that it is raining and the spring chakras are all a little wet today. Did I mention a little grey as well? Choice and perspective, that is all it is.

Breathe in and out. Choose your perspective. Kiss the rain.

I choose to kiss the rain today. I choose to feel the healing energy of water in my life. Water brings with it the power to cleanse, nurture and rejuvenate; to hydrate, feed and sustain all life and us. The power to keep us alive, to help plants grow and animals survive, and to bring joy into our lives as we frolic or relax in it. I know this is so simple and obvious, yet a large part of gratitude for me is being grateful for the obvious. That is the stuff we take for granted and expect to have, often forgetting how infinitely blessed we are to receive it.

Thank you for sharing a small part of my gratitude practice with me this morning and holding this space for me. Remember to take a few moments now and remind yourself of everything you are grateful for. Don’t forget the obvious stuff. And yes, a few moments is all it will take! Then write it down or share it with someone. If you like, you can share it here in this space.

Breathe. Choose. Kiss the rain.

Kissing the rain is inspired by this piece of music by Yiruma called Kiss the rain. His sounds accompany me often and I am grateful to my soulsister A. for sharing it with me. I share my kissing the rain photographs on Instagram regularly.

What choice do you make to see things a little differently?

with gratitude for sharing this space with me, Delicia x

6 thoughts on “Kissing the rain

  1. Hi MdssD

    We have gone from Autumn back to Summer this week. The temperatures have rocketed and I will definitely be kissing the rain when it returns. For me, it is by far my best nature thing, especially thunderstorms, as you know.

    So today I decided to choose to love the heat instead, which is not normally my best nature thing. I am grateful that my washing has dried and I don’t need to switch on the heater in my work room.

    Thanks for reminding me that I actually have a choice in the matter.


    • Glad to help a little my dear soulsister Gilli! 🙂

      The heat sounds good to me as I watch Spring come and go a little at the moment, but she has definitely arrived despite the slightly chilly days again!


  2. Smile. And laugh! I also woke up that night and had a burst of wonderful feelings, one after the other! Are you sure it was in the middle of the night? It was around 5 am when I heard a thunder and wondered if I was dreaming. But no, I was not dreaming. It was real, I could hear the heavy rain and even some hail. A thunder! that meant spring is really here! 🙂 This little pleasure made me think at the thunderstorms of Gilli, though this lonely thunder was nothing compared with the full power of Nature at work she described so magnificently in The healing power of water. Immediately afterwards, I took a deep breath in full of the smell of the rain that was coming in through the open window. It was so good that I wanted more of all of this, so I got up to open the window wide, and then went back to bed and tucked up to breathe the cool air carrying all those wet smells and listen to the raindrops while I was keeping warm and dry. You did not mention her, but I am sure Max has been with you in those delicious moments. I could feel her lovely kitty cuddles and they told me this was another moment of divine connection! An additional reason to live the now and enjoy.

    So that morning being woken up so early by the rain could have upset me, especially because I really needed some sleep. Instead I took with gratitude the gift of time, the quiet of the morning and the warmth of my duvet and had one hour of rest full of joy, gratitude and heart connections that brought me deeper rest than sleep. And the best gift is that I did not choose it consciously. It just happened! But you are so right Delicia, we should not forget to be grateful for the obvious, and choice and perspective can reveal the blessings that are there for us even in what appears to be the worse situation. Love, peace and harmony are within, in the choices we make to respond to what life brings us. I am deeply grateful for the dear support and inspiration you provided me along this magic path and I am happy of all the steps you have been doing. Namaste

    • It could well have been around 5 am, though it felt like the middle of the night to me. Smile!

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful morning experience. It sounds like your deep rest brought you all you needed and you are right, it is such a special gift of divine connection!

      We are truly blessed to be able to enjoy our here and now moments fully. Much gratitude to you for your reminders. Namaste

    • Dear Elizabeth, I hope you find the inspiration and healing energy you need to feel less tired and happy. Thank you for visiting my blog and connecting with me. The music is really soothing, so I am glad you enjoyed it too. Sending you healing light!

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