Photo walk : Malmö

taking flight

memories of local artists

along the path

soulsister spiral energy

autumn reflections

underground tunnel

architectural differences

malmo castle

malmo castle sunset

canal reflections

things you find in the canal

towards the station

After a quick train trip across the longest rail and road bridge in Europe, the Øresund bridge which joins Denmark and Sweden, my soulsister C. and I arrived in Malmö to spend the day strolling, chatting, drinking coffee and exploring. The parks were on fire with autumn colours and the canals offered up their reflections on life to us. It sure was a day all about reflections. How grateful I am to be able to share quality time and good coffee with a soulsister, while also satisfying my passion for taking photographs, travelling and discovering new countries. That’s a tick for country 49, and yes, I am counting. 😉

Photo walk is an opportunity to take a walk with me through my ‘photo’ eyes. Share more of my daily photo moments and follow along here.

simply sharing, Delicia

10 thoughts on “Photo walk : Malmö

  1. Oh, I love it so much when I feel the energy of the moment through your photos! 🙂 This is a really amazing series that tells me how wonderful your time exploring Malmö with your soulsister C. has been. I am so happy to know it! I feel you in particular in ‘taking flight’ and ‘soulsister spiral energy’… but I might be a bit biased because I love flying and spirals 😉 But all the reflection ones have a special peace, and the autumn fires, art pieces and founds from the canal captured by the curious eyes of your child are a great collection of mindful now moments. Keep practicing and sharing dear soulsister 🙂 Gratitude for being You.

    • Thank you so much Annalisa. I am always happy to know the now moments are reflected in my photos; and it is always wonderful to hear how other eyes experience my photos. Namaste.

  2. Hi mdssD

    49 Countries, that’s so cool, I’m no where close to that, but at least I can say that I have been with you on some of yours.

    Beautiful pics D thanks for the virtual tour.

    Love lots


    • Hi mdssGilli,

      I love counting but it not really about the counting, rather the exploring, learning and opening up. I love having you along on my explorations!

      Let’s keep travelling. My gypsy feet will be happy.

      Love lots

  3. Hi Delicia, these photos are like painting! the reflections, the sun, the colours everything perfect! I’ve never heard about this city ‘Maimo’, seems lovely and peaceful. Now you need to pick a special country to be the #50!
    Have a great weekend Delicia!

    • Dear Elizabeth,

      I never considered picking a special country, so I shall think about it. Although I must admit I like to flow and see what comes up. I am sure the universe will provide a special country for #50 as it does for each and every one!

      Sending you some Cape Town sunshine for a warm week Elizabeth.

  4. Beautiful photos, so full of quiet serenity — just browsing through them felt like a meditation! Thank you for the lovely photo tour. 🙂

    This year I’ve been on a virtual quest to discover and comment on a positive blog every day, keeping a list on my own site. I have added yours as today’s entry. Glad to have found it!

    • Dear Meg,

      Welcome and thank you for your visit. I hope to see you stop by again soon. I love sharing my photos and especially when they inspire others. Thank you.

      I love your random kindness blog tour. What a fantastic idea. And now I know where to find some new blogs to explore myself.

      Much gratitude for including soulsister there. I am truly grateful.

    • Thank you for thinking of me Elizabeth. That post really gives the other side of the Antarctica images showing the stations, rather than the usual icebergs and penguins. It is lovely to see the balance too. xxx

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