Inspire your senses : grateful

shopping for pumpkins

This week I was simply inspired by my senses and I am grateful for each one:

sight : Mother Nature with her thrilling autumn cloak, she also brings the delightful pumpkin colours ranging from greens to bright oranges and yellows. Shopping at the local farmyard Stoeckweid with my soulsister A. yesterday was a visual feast for our eyes.

sound : crunching autumn leaves under foot on my walks, the simple sound of the letting go of autumn and the preparing for the long rest of winter. Mother Nature continues to teach me every day.

taste : the intense flavour of black truffle blended with cheese. This black gold tastes divine and costs a pretty penny, as it is more expensive than gold, but added to a good cheese intensifies the flavours for me. I couldn’t decide if I preferred the smooth and creamy brie or the hard and pungent pecorino combo. I believe I need to sample them again!

smell : the smells of the farmyard at Stoeckweid yesterday. I love animals and had to say hello to the cows, calves, cats and the pony. I often think I should have been born a gypsy, yet sometimes I feel more like a farm girl. My heart sings when I am immersed in nature and life. 

touch : the feel of my yoga mat under my hands and feet, whether I am sinking deeper into chair, standing tall like a tree, being playful with funky plank or adding a little self love to a pose and giving myself a big hug. Go on, give it a try and hug yourself, it feels great. Thanks to my soulsister C. for adding that to our class.

energy : universal energy that supports me moment by moment, whether I am doing a cleaning ‘chores’ meditation or a reiki session. Energy is everywhere and within. We are each a divine part of it.

last words : Trick or treat? I drew a face on one of the small pumpkins I bought, a first for me. Next year I would like try to carve a bigger one so that I can pop a candle inside. Gahl, a wonderful storyteller and astrologer, shared this great read on Halloween and more.

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.  Unknown

I hope you had a haunting Halloween!

Being grateful and writing my gratitude journal is part of my daily ritual and makes me happy. Do you practice gratitude daily?

simply sharing, Delicia x

6 thoughts on “Inspire your senses : grateful

  1. Hi Delicia, thanks for visiting my blog, I love it, you are my inspiration since I’ve started on the virtual world. The summer hours ended today, so we are one hour back, in the morning I’ll have more time to slowly go back to yoga, I’ll see if I find a restorative yoga DVD, like you suggested. I’ll have more time for my journal as well, gratitude is very important to keep me well during the harsh winter months. I like the way you posted here “the long rest of winter”. Have a great week!

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I enjoy visiting your blog and especially reading your haikus and short stories. Thank you, the feeling is mutual as you inspire me too and often remind me to come back to my creative self through your photos of your collages and journals. Gratitude!

      It is so good to have an extra hour for our morning rituals. Let me know how you go with the restorative yoga. I am sure you could find some starting poses online and give it try first.

      Happy week to you. x

    • That is so wonderful to hear Steph. I find gratitude makes me happy and so it becomes easier to remember to do it. I am so grateful for your presence here xxx

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