Photo walk : autumn moments

follow the seasonal signs

bearing fruit

grounding red light

mother nature sent me some angel wings

contrasting colours

floating leaf water art

falling leaves in lucerne

golden autumn sky

sharing my bench with me in zurich

starting to let go

under the apple tree

autumn at the hedingen weiher


These autumn moments full of golden warmth, a vivid colour spectrum (do you see the chakra colours from red and orange to yellow and green?) and secret messages from Mother Nature inspire my senses daily. The contrasts of light and dark, bright and dull, dry and wet, warm and cold, and holding on and letting go, show me that life is about aligning with the natural flow and finding the moments of balance in between. So yin yang! Mother Nature is a magnificent and patient teacher. I am grateful for each moment that she inspires me, teaches me and supports me.

Photo walk is an opportunity to take a walk with me through my ‘photo’ eyes. Share my daily photo moments and follow along here.

simply sharing, Delicia

4 thoughts on “Photo walk : autumn moments

    • Thank you Elizabeth, and I agree that we need to pay attention to see the simple beauty in nature. Mother Nature is always such a great teacher. I definitely don’t want to fail her class. 🙂

  1. The last days I reflected a bit deeper on Mother Nature and cycles of birth, growth, life, decay and death. Realising that nothing is discarded but transformed in new bright flowers and juicy fruits, I thought it is good time to practice let go of old patterns that do not work and open to create new ways of being, of shining light, of loving unconditionally.

    Thank you for capturing the awesome messages from Mother Nature and sharing them here. I loved the chakra colour sequence joining grounding and security red with connection, balance and love green.
    It must have been very special receiving the angel wings! I wonder which magic kept them in balance on the bench.
    The balance and stillness of the Weiher capture is really peaceful. Gratitude. Namaste.

    • I have also been reflecting on those cycles in nature and how each one teaches us something special. I too love the messages of a gently letting go at the moment, while Mother Nature prepares herself for a winter of rest, which will eventually let the new moments of spring in.

      The angel wings were a great gift and the stillness of the day seemed to keep them in balance on that bench. It was such a still and peaceful day and I am happy to know you could sense this from my photos. Thank you. Namaste.

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