Photo walk : pumpkin power

   orange pumpkin power

   pumpkins galore

yellow butternut power

a cart full of pumpkins

green pumpkin power

pumpkin power 95kg

pumpkin show king 120kg

beauty in the pumpkin details


The sheer variety of pumpkin species, sizes and colours at the farm Stoeckweid was amazing. Can you even imagine a pumpkin actually weighing 120 kg or 95 kg? Wow! Imagine how many pumpkin fritters that would make. Mother Nature puts on a great second act in the autumn moments show and inspires me to be grateful for the simple things in life.

Photo walk is an opportunity to take a walk with me through my ‘photo’ eyes. Share my daily photo moments and follow along here.

with smiles, Delicia

8 thoughts on “Photo walk : pumpkin power

    • Hi mdssGilli,

      I ate my first pumpkin yesterday in a green Thai curry and it was so yum. I have another one and as well as a butternut which I also got at the farm. I wonder what I shall do with those… soup? risotto? grilled? All such yummy options.

      Bon apetit!

  1. The pumpkin show at Stöckweid was amazing joy! All those colours, shapes, sizes were a magical surprise of Mother Nature. My gratitude Delicia for taking me along to discover this beautiful farm and feel the peace that country life always brings me.

    I baked my orange-red pumpkin (one of those in your first photo) in the oven: the very best I ever ate. Just some olive oil, little salt and pepper: divine! It is amazing how little one needs to be so happy… Great lesson of ‘Enjoy the simple moments’. Namaste.

    • That is a wonderful idea for my orange pumpkin too, thank you, as I was wondering what to do with it. So many yummy options. I am happy you enjoyed the visit as much as I did. It was fun to share it with you. Happy simple moments indeed! Namaste.

  2. Hi Delicia, beautiful pumpkins! I love them as decoration and as food. They are delicious and health, loads of vitamin C. I have 2 of them here in front of me right now, they are decorating my kitchen, but very soon I’ll be baking them, maybe next weekend. I’ve started yoga again, slowly, only few poses. Little by little I’ll get back. Have a great week!

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      My first one is in my tummy now and the other two are also waiting for me. So maybe we will be baking pumpkins at the same time across the oceans.

      I am so happy to hear you have started yoga again and that you are going slowly. Be gentle with your body and soul. I had a lovely yoga class this morning and I am always reminded by my teacher to go slowly and especially if there are areas where my body finds it a little tough, so I am passing that reminder forward to you.

      Namaste and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hello Delicia,
    I do apologize for not being here over the past last months. It has been busy, crazy, and, I have to confess, lazy.
    I love Autumn as it is the season where I prepare for my favourite one: Winter. I love a lot of things in Autumn that Nature offers us: the colours, the smells, the food. Those are beautiful pictures and I thing this photo walk might be one of my favourite so far.
    Take Care

    • Hello Steph,

      So happy to see you again and yes, I totally understand how life is crazy at times. I feel the same. I have also enjoyed the autumn colours so much and so I am struggling a little with the foggy days that winter is bringing. Thank you for your kind words.

      I am looking forward to your winter creations on your blog.

      Take gentle care of you xxx

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