You only get one soul

being gentle with myself and enjoying kitty love

You only get one soul…

Be good to yours
Listen to your heart whispers
Respect all of YOU
Be mindful of your intuition
Take yourself for a walk
Enjoy the tiny magic
Be present in the now
Do something kind for someone else
Go gently with yourself
Enjoy a still soul moment
Laugh from your soul (and your belly)
Find out what makes your soul happy
And then do it!

I hope you enjoy this winter or summer solstice day and find a moment to appreciate the yin yang balance that Mother Nature brings us today.

I am going to enjoy some kitty love today. What will you do for your soul today?

with love, light and laughter, Delicia xxx

6 thoughts on “You only get one soul

  1. ‘Remember that you have only one soul; that you have only one death to die; that you have only one life. . . . If you do this, there will be many things about which you care nothing’ Saint Teresa of Avila
    This morning, enjoying the bright sun of summer solstice here and thinking of you in winter down there made me feel the balance of yin and yang, and smile. It has been a special day of care of the soul, simple time to seek within, be still and connect with soulsisters. I am happy to see you have been doing the same 🙂 Take care of you Delicia, ‘Shine your light’. Namaste

    • I am so happy we can all shine our lights together and enjoy our special connections. It is good to hear you taking care of your soul too, my friend. Namaste

      • Thank you my soulsister for sharing and inspiring us, and for providing this wonderful space where to shine our lights together and enjoy our special connections. See all the way you have been walking. I am truly proud of you!! You are a very special soul. Trust yourself! Love and light A

        • Lots of gratefulness to you for you connection and communication and light you share with me and everyone here. It is very special. And this space is wonderfully flowing where it will and all our input is creating that light together. A light of connection and flow. Thank you Annalisa for your kind thoughts. Love and light and peace.

          • You are so right Delicia, it is the balance of giving and receiving, and each contributing to the flow that CREATES the light. I like that. A wonderful moment of powerful stillness. Thank you 🙂
            We are all connected, we are ONE.
            Love to all Soulsisters so that we can create this light. Breathe. Smile.
            PS Thank you for your kind words.

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