Tiny magic

hanging bell

coral ant

honeysuckle bud about to burst

honeysuckle droplets

kissing the rain

tiny pink


The more I slow down, the more I allow myself to become more aware and mindful as I walk through my day. As I am sure you know by now, I love walking outdoors and try to do a photo walk everyday. Noticing the beauty on my doorstep and the tiny changes in the seasonal cycles of Mother Nature feeds my soul.

I smile. I breathe. I go slowly.

I just love my olloclip for my iPhone. Using the macro lens brings an entirely new world to life right before my eyes. I am totally in awe of the finer details it picks up, though it does take a lot of practice to keep a steady hand. It brings me even closer to nature and I have a lot of fun along the way. There are often things that I only notice in the photo. I didn’t spot them with the naked eye before. It has changed how I look at a leaf, a flower or an insect. In fact, at anything! It’s like having my own personal microscope.

Enjoy some of the magic that I spotted around the garden this week. And remember, you don’t even have to go far to find your own tiny miracles. Consider wandering in your garden, down the street or even through your home. There is real magic there, I promise. 🙂

So next time you are out and about, be mindful. Take a slow step. Stop for a moment. Look about. And start to notice the tiny magic all around you.

Smile. Breathe. Go slowly.

What tiny magic inspires you? Please share your ideas with us.

simply sharing, Delicia x

2 thoughts on “Tiny magic

  1. Hi MssD

    Beautiful photos, loved the Ant, they really are tiny miracles. They are incredibly small and strong. Have you ever tried to blow an ant off your hand, it doesn’t budge, but it must seem like a hurricane to them. I currently have about 6 ants living with me, they rush over to greet me the minute I put something down on the kitchen counter. Well Ok! they are not really coming out to greet me, just to see if I have anything for them to eat.

    As I don’t have any furry or feathered friends living with me, my ants are my pets. I lovingly gather then up and put them outside so that I don’t squash them, only to find them back on the counter soon thereafter. It’s a long way back to the kitchen counter for such a small creature.

    How do I know they are the same ants! I can read the name tags on their collars 🙂


    • Hi mss Gilli,

      I love your pet ants and your story!!! You had me giggling out loud, so thank you for making my day with a laugh and for sharing it with us! May your ants bring you lots of happy moments. And yes, agreed, they are amazing little creatures and I am sure they have many lessons to teach us, like withstanding the hurricanes of life 🙂

      Love and light

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