Photo walk : Ganesha

  black and white ganesha

     standing before ganesha

dancing feet

eye to eye

open hands

ganesha remover of obstacles

side facing ganesha

antique ganesha

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha


Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, awaits me every Friday morning when I step into my yoga class led by my soulsister and yoga teacher C. at Malayoga. His energy accompanies me on my mat as I go through my practice and play with my favourite tree pose. I love taking a moment with him before I leave the studio. This beautiful statue of him fascinates me. I guess my photographs prove precisely that! I am happy in the NOW moment and take pleasure in its simple beauty.

Photo walk is an opportunity to take a walk with me through my ‘photo’ eyes and you can explore more of my images here.

simply sharing, Delicia

12 thoughts on “Photo walk : Ganesha

  1. My dearest Delicia! How wonderfully put in words and pictures. Just remember that Ganesh is also the deva of intellect and wisdom. So, be wise in your tree pose and come back to the balancing challenge. Namaste, soulsister C

    • Thank you my dear Claudia, for your timely and wise reminder! So perfect. I will take it to heart during my next tree pose balancing challenge. Your words inspire me.

      Much gratitude!

  2. Ganesha… Yes, the remover of obstacles. But how could that be without wisdom? Laugh! Thank you Claudia for reminding us.

    I also find this statue not only beautiful but also very fascinating. Delicia, your amazing photos really prove it! Thank you for sharing this wonderful energy. Above all I love the open hands, but the dancing feet and the eye to eye are also special.

    I love Ganesha and like you, before, during, or after my yoga practice at Seeschau I often spend some time with him. The statue that is there is very small, yet similarly playful and radiating lots of good vibes. I could watch him surrounded by beautiful flowers for hours. Namaste

    • Your Ganesha experiences sound beautiful and full of energy. It is the magic you are sharing here that I can feel. Indeed, one needs wisdom to remove the obstacles wisely. Love it! Thank you Annalisa.

      Thank you, it makes me happy that you enjoy my photos too. I am pleased to know they transfer the energy of the moment. And I think the open hands and dancing feet are my favourites too. The eye to eye is not as playful to me, but intense with a stronger message. The photos really speak to me, but the statue talks volumes more.


      • You are right Delicia, those eyes are not that playful and you captured it wonderfully! And although I love the hands and the feet, I feel it is those eyes that really convey his message… A bit of lightheartedness (not taking everything as the end of the world!) helps greatly in not allowing obstacles to become burdens and exploring new ways through. But to overcome obstacles and really move forward, we need to learn the lesson first… This is where we need wisdom and those eyes just remind me of this.

        Do you remember my favourite quote from Pema Chödrön? I think I will share it again here! 😉
        Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.

        And yes, balance is the challenge, and the answer. I am happy that Ganesha keeps an eye on you as you practice your tree pose 🙂

        • I so love that quote and your gentle reminder. Just divine timing as always, I am thankful for your sharing it again here and I often see it as it is one of my screensavers just to remind me more often, though very gently. 🙂 Namaste

    • Thank you Elizabeth, he is very interesting especially as he is also the god of beginnings and the patron of arts and letters (writing). Here is some more info on him. Have fun exploring and wishing you a happy sacred day. May it bring you all you need and want. Namaste

    • What a lovely idea to have one of him closer to you. I would love to see a photo when you find one. I have been using a picture of him as my phone screensaver and smile each time I see him. A gentle reminder to seek wisdom and remove obstacles in each now moment.

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