Photo walk : The Falklands

Plancius the ship in Ushuaia just before boarding

farewell Ushuaia

black-browed albatross in the fog on the way to The Falklands

first dry zodiac landing at Carcass Island in the The Falklands

rainy day hike on Carcass Island

sheds belonging to the one family living on Carcass Island

first wet zodiac landing at Saunders Island in the The Falklands

locals came down to greet us on Saunders Island

the neck of Saunders Island is a large gentoo rookery

rocky I and rocky II the rockhoppers

rockhoppers clinging to the cliff edge

black-browed albatross chick on the nest

Mother Nature makes art of these remnant whale vertebrae

a waddle of magellanic penguins trying to decide which way to go next

we three kings

the smallest baby chick I saw on the trip being kept warm by mom or dad

just chilling on the beach with a couple of gentoo penguins

Stanley the capital of The Falklands

leaving Stanley as the wind was too strong to land

wandering albatross and we are back at sea with a fair bit of rock and roll motion

And so my ‘dream it big‘ adventure to The Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica started from the end of the earth, Ushuaia, aboard the Plancius, a ship operated by Oceanwide Expeditions. Down the Beagle Channel, we set sail for The Falklands and two days later we arrived.

We landed at Carcass Island first, where only one family lives. They kindly invited us to tea, although I chose to attempt a hike with some of the group. The weather wasn’t playing ball, yet we succeeded on the second try. Next we headed to Saunders Island, where we saw four species of penguins and a black-browed albatross breeding site.

More overnight sailing to arrive in Stanley, the capital of The Falklands, where I managed to set a few steps outside the port before being called back to the ship. The winds were reaching extreme speeds and we needed to return to the ship as quickly as possible (as it is dangerous to board the ship from the zodiac in high winds). We waited aboard ship, although in the end we said farewell to Stanley without an actual landing. Mother Nature reminded us that we are at always her mercy. Off to rock and roll at sea again and onto our next destination.

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simply sharing, Delicia

4 thoughts on “Photo walk : The Falklands

  1. Love all the photos, thanks for share them. The foggy ones are wonderful, I like to see the colorful houses, and of course the penguins. Really a dreamy trip. Hugs!

    • Thank you for following along on my journeys. I am grateful for your company. It was totally dreamy. Something I dreamt about for a long time, as you know, and something I still dream about as I sort through my bazillion photos. I am sure I will be adding more here soon, especially penguins! Big hugs back to you.

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