August break day 24 to 27

august break day 24to27

Hear. Sunday morning. YES. Number.   

I am taking part in the August Break inspired by Susannah Conway. One photo prompt a day to inspire me and tell a story without words.

I hope you have been enjoying the photographs as much as I’ve enjoyed the prompts and finding the right photo during my day to convey the word and a message. 

It has been a lot of fun and I will be sad to see it end. I still post photos daily on Instagram. And next week I will be back with some blog posts.

Happy spring day (if you are in the Southern Hemisphere!).

simply sharing, Delicia x

2 thoughts on “August break day 24 to 27

  1. Hi mdssD

    Spring in Cape Town has definitely not sprung. It is cold and grey and raining on and off. Oh! and the pecan tree in my neighbours garden has not started to bud and until it does, it is NOT spring. I will let you know when it does, you will probably be back in CT before then, so you will have to come and see for yourself.

    I do miss you D, so it is really nice to get a blog from you and a bonus to see you in one of the photos.

    Well we still have the morneves 🙂

    Love Lots

    • I will most definately come and see for myself as soon as I am back and mobile! 🙂 I am so happy you are enjoying the blog and photos. I miss our communications a lot too but am happy we still find the space to connect. All is as it is meant to be. Love lots x

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