Joyful autumn reflections

fallen leaves

It is an understatement to say that I am simply loving all the beautiful leaves around. The range of colours, shapes and sizes always amazes me. Mother Nature inspires me and I just can’t get enough of her. I also can’t seem to take enough photographs of leaves!!!

Yes, it is autumn. As I walk through all these fallen leaves, I remember what a special time of change autumn is. We start to let go of the fullness and warmth of summer and prepare ourselves for the cold and stillness of winter. The face of Mother Nature changes daily. As do I and as do you. Oh, the beauty and difficulty of change!

One of the many small blessings I have received by being here, now and with gratitude in Hedingen is this – the ease, joy and freedom of being able to take myself out for long walks. A small thing that has a rather large impact on my life.

Breathe slowly. Smile deeply. And feel joy.

I am happy to be present in nature. It allows me my space to reflect on my life. It gives me moments of stillness that I really cherish. It helps me to maintain my balance. And it inspires me to take more photographs. And for all this and much more I am truly grateful.

Breathe. Smile. Joy.

What small blessing brings you joy today? Please share your joy here if you wish too, and remember to be grateful for all the small blessings in your beautiful life.

with love, Delicia

4 thoughts on “Joyful autumn reflections

  1. Me too enjoy Nature, I like to go out to walk with one of my daughters and with three dogs and they enjoy walks in the forest. Excuse me if my grammar is not perfect……. You are a beautiful Soul. Thank you for sharing so beautiful picture and your wonderful feelings !!!!!

  2. Hi mssD

    Well you speak of balance and of course Mother Nature is the real expert when it comes to balance.

    So while the leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees on your side of the world, slowly the leaves are budding and turning everything green and lush here on my side of the world. After a long cold winter this to is a joyous affair. When I was a child I always used to wonder where the leaves went, now I know, they obviously fall off your trees and land here on ours.

    We always speak about which season we like best and can never decide, because we love them all equally for all the joyous reasons they bring.

    Love lots

    • MssGilli,

      Indeed Mother Nature is wonderful teacher of balance I agree and I am so happy to know where the leaves go! Finally it makes sense!! I also love all the seasons for they each bring their beauty and messages with them. I feel we would get bored if we only had one season, change is an essential part of life. And again, Mother Nature does a good job at that too.

      Love lots x

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