We hold the key



In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.    Jiddu Krishnamurti


I have a lot on my mind this week. Admittedly, those that know me, may say I always have a lot on my mind. Smile! And yes, perhaps sometimes I worry and analyze a bit to much. Well a lot! This I have accepted as part of who I am and what makes me me. Even though I accept it, I do try to lighten the load and work with it more. I consciously find my stillness and flip the switch on my brain as often as I can. And it does get easier.

Breathe in. Feel the trust. And breathe out.

I have a few decisions to make. I know that the only path to those decisions is through myself, my higher self. She who knows all the answers (for me). And to listen to her, I have to find my still spot. Being on my mat is one of my ways of finding my still spot. Another is by meditating. And yet another is by allowing everyday beauty to inspire me.

I could also look at my beautiful cards, chat to a soulsister, seek expert advice or just decide on a whim, but none of these methods will give me a better answer than the one I find within. I want ‘my’ answer. The answer that I can live with. One that moves me, fills my soul and speaks to me. Mostly, I want an answer I am happy to live with, commit to and one that is true to me.

I know that I need to trust my inner feelings and my gut. Then I need to follow the flow, so that when that special moment of knowing makes itself felt, I fully embrace it.

If I am a little still here and elsewhere, it is because I am enjoying my stillness and listening to my higher self and the universe.

Breathe. Trust. Breathe.

Do you have a way to find ‘your’ answers? Please share your thoughts here.

with stillness, Delicia

12 thoughts on “We hold the key

  1. My quest for answers starts when I step on my Yoga mat and arrive in the present moment. I take a deep breath and create awareness and space within myself. Sometimes just diving into the moment or practicing my asanas helps me to slowly find answers to my most important questions and it helps me to think outside the box. Dive in & breathe!

  2. You said it all Delicia. It is all within and the only way is through yourself. Anything else only helps you come to yourself.

    I find my answers when I am true to myself and stop pretending to control with the mind. This happens when I stop to be with me in the moment (being with Mother Nature or stepping on my mat work well) and breathe with loving kindness. As I relax, thinking fades and my answer fills my soul. The difficult part is to just be with it, surrender to it. And then follow the flow.

    Yes, your answer is the one you are happy to live with, commit to and that is true to you (and you know that if it is not all of that, then it is not your answer!). Wow! it is a beautiful, wonderful answer! Be gentle with you, trust, and let it speak to you.

    Stop thinking! It is all within. Namaste.

    • Last night I had a dream about me and my next steps. What I was saying to a soulsister was so clear there was no space for anything different. This reminded me that dreams also lead me to my answers. Or rather when I dream I am true to myself… I cannot control with the mind and I let the answers speak so loud that it is not possible to question them. It is amazing, but it is really all within, ready for us to embrace it and live fully!

  3. Hi mdssD

    I have to laugh when I think of you and doors. You don’t need a key my friend the door is wide open you are just looking at it from the wrong angle. The picture stays in my mind as clear as if I was watching you in the flesh. Standing at the open door, but seeing it from an angle that makes it appear closed. I can see into the room that you are wanting to enter, it looks like Aladdin’s cave, chests filled with treasures, gold crowns encrusted with emeralds, rubies and diamonds all piled high and spilling out over the floor, more than you would ever need.

    Now you and I both know that you are not motivated by such worldly treasures, but I think we both understand that the room is inside of you and those treasures are the peace and love and joy and stillness that you seek for yourself and to give so generously to others.

    You are the key mdfD.

    Love you so much.



    • I couldn’t agree more with you Gilli. The door is wide open, especially for our soulsister D.! Your words are really beautiful. I love your special loving mixture of amusement and care. Thank you for sharing them here.

    • Thank you Gilli, I always remember your message. It was very special all those years ago and still is today. Thank you for the gentle reminder. We are all the key to ourselves. X

  4. from my gratitude / realizations and emotional release diary, I quote from an autoscribe: “inside… INSIDE” – that is a beautiful place, inside of me, thats where my answers wait…

  5. I am by far not there yet… I have not yet a way to find my answers and I am still looking for them. I think it is because I am still afraid, but I also think it is part of the process. I love coming here, because it makes me progressing in the process. Thanks you.

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