Inspire your senses : bloom


This week my senses have been inspired by these simple joys:

sight : the sight of Tammy Strobel’s new book My Morning View: An iPhone Photography Project about Gratitude, Grief & Good Coffee. I have followed Tammy’s morning view photos for months and they always brighten my day.

sound : …and all I see is life, life in a beautiful light… the sweet voice of Amy Macdonald as she sings Life in a beautiful light. Spend a few minutes really listening to the words.

taste :  a colourful plate of stir-fried vegetables, as part of my healthier eating plan, where I managed to get almost all the chakra colours – red, orange, yellow, green, violet and white – onto the same plate.

smell : the first flowers of spring blossoming all over the place and the warmth of the sun on my skin while sitting at the lake in Ticino.

touch : the feel of the water while I swim knowing that with each lap I make that hard first step a little easier.

energy : receiving a card chosen especially for me from my soulsister A, with a very clear and divine message. Wander where there is no path. Get lost on the pathless path today. And now I share it forward to you.

last words : these are just for you today, my soulsisters and soulbrothers. Soulsister is a year old! An entire year of walking together, growing, connecting and sharing this space. I am extremely grateful to have such wonderful companions – you – on my journey with me. Thank you for taking the time to walk with me and be part of my happy here and now. I am honoured. Without you, this would not be the same! You make this space one of simple connections now. I leave you with these words from Marcel Proust – Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners, who make our souls blossom.

What has made your senses bloom? Share your thoughts here.

If you feel that someone else may enjoy this space and the simple connections now, please share this forward.

Thank you for making my soul blossom.

with deep gratitude, Delicia x

10 thoughts on “Inspire your senses : bloom

    • Many thanks Tammy and wishing you lots of success and joy with your new book! A lot of gratitude goes back to you for all the inspiration I receive via your e-courses and blog. Really there are no words. xxx

  1. Lovely post! I love the light that meets me every time I visit your blog. I really like the way you present your photo and the love that shines through every line. Thank you for being you Delicia.

    I ordered Tammy’s book yesterday and can’t wait to have it in my hand 😉

    Right now I’m sitting in my studio to do some editing, but earlier this morning when I did my chores outside I smelled spring in the air; oak trees, and fresh grass.

    I listened to Californian Quail’s singing their chi-ca-go-chi-ca-go and my horses munching on their morning hay of course 🙂 I love mornings. I think mornings are the most beautiful time of the day.


    • Oh wow! Thank you Maria for your kind words and for sharing this space with me. It is lovely walking along this path with you connecting in different ways via our blogs, e-courses and Instagram. I love the support and inspiration of a shared journey so much. Thank you to you too!

      I need to order her book too :). I feel it will be really special.

      Your mornings sound so peaceful and that quiet hour is really special. There is something touching about sensing the world waking up, isn’t there? Thank you for sharing your morning moments with me. I almost feel like I am sitting next to you.

      Here is to more simple connections in our nows.

      Love and light

    • Thank you Elizabeth. I am so happy you are walking along this path with me and sharing the peaceful moments. I am grateful to you for taking the time to visit and share your thoughts x

  2. As usual, I am late commenting! Happy Blog Anniversary! I have been much more aware of simple things lately. The ones which really make my heart sing is when I am able to see wild life. It happened again yesterday as I was driving to pick up my son from school… This hare was sitting in the grass, may be enjoying sun at the edge of the woods… It was not obvious to see him, so I was delighted I did not missed him…

    • Many thanks Steph! And thank you for taking the time. It means so much to me. It is never too late to share your thoughts. How wonderful that you spotted the hare in the grass. Those moments of spotting something in the grass go by so quickly, but the memory stays with us a lot longer. So simple and beautiful!

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