Photo walk : Milano

city sunset

galeria vittorio emanuele

going for a spin on the bulls balls

morning streets

reflections down a side street

pick a bicycle

castello sforzesco

parco sempione

floral windows

reading spot

singing under the arches

duomo in all her glory


I had the fun of ‘dolce far niente’ for a day in Milano (or Milan) this week. This old Italian saying is one of my favourites. It literally means ‘sweet doing nothing’. Delicious idleness. Sweet and simple. Such a privilege, I know. I feel blessed that I could follow the flow and my feet to see where they would lead me with absolutely no destination in mind. I felt free as a dandelion! I want to make time to do this more often. I hope you may consider it too.

Photo walk is an opportunity to take a walk with me through my ‘photo’ eyes and you can explore more of my images here.

simply sharing, Delicia



10 thoughts on “Photo walk : Milano

  1. Hi mdssD

    Thanks! I always wanted to go to Italy. Just lovely.

    Our newest Wing Chun student is from Milano, so now I can see where he comes from.


    • Oh, the cities and people are lovely! I am not sure I have a favourite city or town. I do love most of the spots I have visited in Italy, especially the people, the food and, of course, the coffee! 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Hi Delicia:

    As always it is a pleasure that our Souls have the opportunity to visit places like Milano, such a beautiful place, through your eyes and also you make Us to feel as if we really had visited the beautiful places you have been.

    Thank you and waiting to visit moré beautiful places with you.Dear SoulSister Delicia.

    • Thank you Elizabeth for journeying with me and I look forward to taking you along on the next one. So glad you enjoyed the quick trip to Milan as well.

  3. Hmm, ‘Dolce far niente’… a beautiful saying but not an easy one! Yet, you got the most profound meaning of it and marvelously practiced it. Yes, the key to ‘sweet doing nothing’ is not exactly ‘doing nothing’, but to be in the present moment, follow the flow and be mindful.

    Milan is not the city I would normally associate with this saying. Not because there are no opportunities for this – you showed it 🙂 – but because this city of industry and finance is more used to organised days and tight schedules that do not leave much time to wander and wonder. I think Roma (or Rome) is the best place where to practice ‘dolce far niente’… a city where it is almost impossible to be concentrated on one thing! I would love a photo walk with you inspired by architecture, food, people, history, art, side streets, and the amazing energy of the Vatican City. I am delighted just by the idea of it! You should go there next 😉

    But back to Milan, it is really great that you found your freedom there (I can really feel it through your photos) and shared with us the magic beauty that escapes the attention of most people. Well done! and as always, thank you!

    My favourite photo is ‘reflections down a side street’, but the ‘city sunset’ also tells a lot about the lovely time you had there.

    • I agree that Milan is not the city one would normally associate with ‘dolce far niente’; but then again I feel we can be in the present moment following the flow mindfully almost anywhere. It is a state of being. Only, in some spaces, it is more tangible than in others.

      I would love to take a stroll through Rome with you whilst taking photographs and practicing ‘dolce far niente’. It sure sounds fun. I have been to Rome many moons ago. It is really made for wandering and getting lost in. One of the spots I recall well is Trevi fountain, a favourite of mine. I still recall the delicious gelato I ate there. 😉

      I am happy that you too enjoyed my photos and magical now moments.

      • Yes, it is a state of being, and precisely this state of being makes your photo walks always so magic. It is such a pleasure to see you so mindful 🙂 The moments of awareness you are gifting are truly inspiring. Thank you for taking us along! and I am looking forward to Rome 😉

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