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I ‘forced’ myself out from under the covers this morning when all I wanted to do was cuddle up deeper into my duvet, rest my weary eyes and continue my fascinating dreams. Even the thought of my beloved morning coffee could not get me moving for almost an hour.

Eventually I realized that my coffee was not coming to me (I tried clicking my fingers, really!). I had to brave the chilly day and get up. Yes, indeed! It is summer and it looks more like autumn out there. We have been blessed with bucketfuls of rain and very little sunshine or blue skies. My balcony garden is blooming magnificently and drinking up all the precious drops. Each plant is truly kissing the rain.

Life goes in cycles and spirals as we know all to well. Up and down. In and out. Light and dark. Yin and yang. Masculine and feminine. Positive and negative. And we always find our balance within the flow of these spirals by choosing our perspective. This morning I had to choose my perspective carefully. It could so easily have gone the other way. I took a conscious decision to be gentle with myself in order to come into balance within my spiral.

Breath in and out gently. Feel the balance. Spiral into life.

I choose to be kind to me first today. I treat myself like I would my best friend, I smile and listen to what I need.

These little things, which I do most days, helped me to make an even bigger than normal difference to my day:

  • savoring my first cup of coffee slowly by being totally present with how I was feeling.
  • taking my gratitude moment and particularly for today, I focused it inward to myself.
  • standing under the hot shower for a few moments longer than usual to ease my shoulders and experience the healing power of water do its work. Divine! Though not quite as good as a massage.
  • nourishing my body, first with a yummy chia seed yogurt concoction and then with a fresh herb and lettuce salad straight from my balcony garden. And let’s not forget the avo!
  • giving myself permission to feel how I feel and let go.
  • facing the blank page in my journal and knowing that if I took that hard first step, sat down and picked up a pen, I could get my creative juices flowing and it would make me happy.

Breathe. Feel. Spiral into life.

I made time to feel how I was feeling, to be kind to me and to be gentle with my heart.  Now I am ready and energised to take on the next thing for today. Mission accomplished!

Pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Ask yourself how you are feeling and what you need right now? Now gently listen to your heart and soul.

with love, Delicia

9 thoughts on “Soul musings : spirals of life

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  2. Love this post! We need to take care of ourselves, if we don’t nobody does. The small things that are only important to us make a big difference at the end. Finding the balance! I should remember this.

    • Thank you Elizabeth for your gentle words and kind reminders too. It is really the small things in life that make the biggest impact.

      Wishing you moments of balance each and every day. Balance was one of my words for last year and I found it helpful to remember that we only ever find moments of balance as things constantly flow.

  3. Oh yes, the spirals and cycles of life… I am in a fast cycle for the moment and I definitely need to press the pause button just for a minute as I forget essential things like the ones you mentioned: gratitude, nourishing my body… The summer is also weird here, the weather alternating between fabulous days and rainy and cool ones… I hope things are better now. Take Care.

    • Steph I hope that you have found some time to pause and gently slow down in order to take care of your desires. I love your new blog that has come out of your fast cycle. It is beautiful and has such interesting recipes on it. The summer here remains strange and it feels more like Autumn as well. I am hoping for some warm August days still. xxx

  4. The last few days have been trying and reminded me of your wise words. So I came back to them.

    ‘Life goes in cycles and spirals as we know all to well. Up and down. In and out. Light and dark. Yin and yang. Masculine and feminine. Positive and negative.’

    I breathe it in, I feel it, I follow it. Your example invited me to choose the perspective of kindness and gratitude and through mindfulness I slowly found the balance. So today I say thank you and remind all of this back to You 🙂 Namaste. A.

    But the question remains: if it’s a spiral, isn’t it time that the sun takes the place of all these clouds and rain?!

    • Thank you for sharing your gratitude with me. It makes it all worthwhile and makes me very happy that you found this helpful. I trust things are easier for you now and that you have found your flow and balance. Remember to be gentle with yourself each and every day.

      I accept your kind reminder too. July and August were extremely challenging for me too. And I heard a few soulsisters say the same thing.

      Of course, it is a spiral and a flow. So you can see that the sun has been peeping through a little more now. 😉


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