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Sitting down to write over the last few weeks has been both extremely simple and really challenging. Putting pen to paper has got easier and more regular. It seems that with one step at a time, the ritual of writing every day is more natural now. In fact, after my short break in La Gomera, I was desperate to open my journal again and see what flowed onto the pages.

That is the key to it all – the flow! And it does flow, but it has been more difficult to organize and order my thoughts. As I don’t want to dam up the stream, I haven’t tried to make it reader-friendly in any way. Actually, I am quite happy to leave it in my journal, only for me.

As my soulsister G. often reminds me, creativity can’t be forced and after all, writing is a creative art. The moment I turn up the pressure, and boy I’m really good at doing that all on my own, the flow dries up. Nothing! Nada! Niente! Niks! Sweet nothing!

Just not good enough when my desire is to keep writing regularly.

Breathe in and out. Just be. Let go.

And besides, creativity, is one of my three words for 2014, therefore I need to find that fine line and balance things.

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t only happen to me and it surely isn’t restricted to writing. It can be applied to all creative pursuits, intuitive talents and living a whole and inspired life.

One of the lessons I am having the ‘joy’ of learning is to not get too frustrated with the timeline of the flow and to let go, just a little more. Ok, I know you are smiling and shaking your head now. Let go, not be in control – yes, it is a good lesson and very apt for me, as we know.

I know I haven’t got it yet, it is a work in progress, as I am a work in progress, yet I am grateful to work at it and explore letting go more. So as part of my practice to let go, I am going to post this journal entry here on my blog, as a constant reminder to myself to do just that. Let go!

The phrase that comes to mind at this particular moment is, ‘let go and let god’, so I let go and allow the divine in.

And no more self-imposed pressure, only taking that hard first step towards a new ritual and flow each and every day. As always, the flow excites me, and slowly I will have fun building that dam whilst still allowing the water to continue to flow.

Breathe. Be. Let go.

Let go and allow the divine flow into your own life.

with love, Delicia

2 thoughts on “Soul musings : let go

  1. You are not alone my dear soulsister! I know that feeling very well and I want to start my reply just by saying that I am still waiting for words to flow in response to a couple of your previous posts (but they will come, know this!) as well as in my journal, which has not been watered since beginning of March and dried up completely. But there is more… in this precise moment I feel the desperate wish you are talking about and I know that even if I will manage to let it flow to some extent, it will take a couple of hours before I will hit the ‘Post Comment’. Still, I try to accept what comes (or does not come…) with patience and gratitude because I know there is a lesson to learn in everything we receive.

    Yes, writing is a creative art, and I can tell you, imposed timelines, ‘not good enough’ and attempts to control our life and our feelings through writing are good guarantee of killing the creative act. You have to leave the space for it! I am smiling and nodding Delicia 😉 You are really good at turning up the pressure on your own. Isn’t writing regularly also an attempt to control? Writing only when you feel like following the slow flow, and as it comes, IS GOOD ENOUGH! Your wish to share is divine gift for which I am deeply grateful, but I assure you that it is so much more inspiring if you write for You, gently letting yourself following the flow and opening to receive the divine. You have to find the balance between commitment to the intention by taking the hard first step and letting Universe bring you what and where you need. But trust yourself and trust Universe Delicia! and enjoy each and every single moment of Here and Now… because you have all within and there is only love. Of course, it is much easier for me to say all of this to you than to me, but I thank you dearly for the reminder 😉


    I love your work in progress, I love you as a work in progress!

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