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As has been my practice for many years, I spent the last weeks of last year saying farewell to my words for 2013 and allowing myself to dream and feel what I need to bring into my life for this new year. I always enjoy this process and savour it by gently taking my time.

I dreamt. I walked. I reflected. I meditated. I felt. I wrote. I shared. I connected. And then I let it be and just sat!

Breathe in. Breathe out. And reflect.

And now 2014 has arrived so quickly! I have managed to continue to step gently into this year bringing my reflections along.

These are my three words for 2014 – commitment, forgiveness and creativity. I feel these are big ones which suits my sense of this year. I think 2014 will be a big year.

I want to commit to taking a very big mouthful of (my) life and savouring it slowly and mindfully while walking my talk.

I want to forgive myself and release those shackles I have created in my mind. I want to forgive me – the me I am now, the little girl me and all the me’s in between. Breathe.

I want to create (my) life and feel creativity in all aspects of my life so that I can weave my beautiful journey. This thing we call life.

In. Out. Reflect.

I am excited to explore these words more and to see where they lead me in 2014. I really hope that you will keep me company on this journey and walk gently with me.

Did you say farewell to your intentions for 2013 before you set new ones for this year? Please share your thoughts with other soulsisters (and brothers) here. And if you think someone else would enjoy this, please feel free to share it.

with love, Delicia x


7 thoughts on “Reflections on my words for 2014

  1. πŸ™‚ I feel your smile Delicia, thank you! I love the photo you chose for this post, your powerful gentle thoughts and your words for 2014. They will definitely make 2014 a big year!! πŸ˜‰ I am so happy you sound really ready for it!

    I am very glad about your intention to be kind with you and forgive yourself releasing whatever holds you back from the present moment. Yes, you should be very gentle with your little girl because she is really sweet and only needs love. So after having invited you in Being gentle with me, I renew here my invitation to forgive yourself accepting whatever you feel. I really love you the way you are.

    Commitment has been with me as I was looking back at 2013 and stepping into 2014. I talked about it in ‘Here. Now. Gratitude.‘ and ‘Here comes 2014…‘. Going beyond the enthusiasm of a new start, committing with perseverance and loving kindness to what is really important for us, will be necessary to make 2014 a really big year of change and love. Because as Pema ChΓΆdrΓΆn nicely pointed out ‘We think we’d be delighted to have an unconditional relationship, but that’s only as long as it’s on our own terms.’. Our journey will have to be one of understanding and compassion, of inspiration, communication and sharing. True unconditional love.

    And creativity is just perfect to add colours and light to your journey and inspire you to explore as you commit to life. What you created here in 2013 is just amazing, so I will be very happy to see more creations!

    For this year I am looking for purpose by committing to Oneness with loving kindness: wow! So we are sharing commitment πŸ™‚ I really hope I will be able to walk my talk and will come back to these intentions to do my best! But you know that I also like to have a motto to help me along the way. I have been inspired by Daring Greatly (BrenΓ© Brown) and chose: ‘Be You’, to which I added ‘Shine your light’. So ‘Be You. Shine your light’. For you and me, of course πŸ˜‰

    Now it is right time Delicia… You are ready. πŸ™‚

    Breathe. Smile. Be.

    ‘Be You. Shine your light’. And make your words come true! I am looking forward to walking with you on this amazing stage of our journey. With love and gratitude, namaste.

    • Dear Annalisa,

      Your gentle reminders are magic!

      I love your commitment to purpose and oneness. It resonates really well and I know you will delight in it this year. May it bring you all the loving kindness you so deserve. Your motto for this year is just like last year’s ‘It’s a great day’ really fitting.

      I look forward to reading Daring Greatly and can’t wait to get started. Your feedback makes me want to dive into it even more.

      I feel we will really enjoy a lovely journey this year. Each one of us and all of us, in oneness.

      Be you. Shine your light. Brightly Annalisa! πŸ™‚

      Love, light and laughter, namaste

  2. Hi mdssD

    Sorry! I can’t type I am laughing so much.

    No! Not at you or the words that you have chosen, well ok! maybe I did have a little giggle at “commitment”.
    But I like your words, “Forgiveness”, a bit challenging, but important, especially if you break your commitment to yourself and “Creativity”, well I think you are fabulously creative, so that should be a synch for you.

    So here is what is such a laugh. For Soul Sisters we sure are different, or am I just so new at this that I have got it all wrong.

    Last year was my first try at this and I thought I would start out easy, only choosing one word and an easy word at that, “Kindness”, how hard can that be, sorry still laughing. It was a real eye opener, I am clearly not as kind as I thought, no, not to myself nor to people I am intolerant of. Ouch!!!!!!! Strangers were not as difficult, as I had not built an opinion of them yet, so they got off lightly.

    By the way, thank you for all your gentle reminders, when I wasn’t being as kind as I should, especially to myself. Even those reminders that weren’t so subtle, yes! I still have the fridge magnet. “My religion is very simple, it is Kindness”.

    Anyway, I was actually quite relieved at the end of last year to finally not have to be kind anymore. What a relief. So in my eagerness I pounced on the first word that came up, and you are partly to blame. You so ‘kindly’ brought over your North American Animal cards, when we had tea together and I pulled the ‘Swan’ card the word associated with swan energy is ‘Grace’. That seemed like a good a word as any and I pounced on it, not very gracefully and there and then it became my word for 2014.

    No! I never dreamt, walked, reflected, meditated, I didn’t write, share or connect, there was no sitting and letting it be. I certainly didn’t gently savour it and gave no thought to actually enjoying the process. As for taking my time…. hhhmmm no, not that either!

    Forgot all of those things, though I am sure that you had mentioned them all before.

    Then it gets really funny, after choosing my word, I thought I should at least check the dictionary definition, so I pulled out my Collins Thesaurus, which sounds like some old dinosaur, and compared to Google I guess it is. So there it was nestled between beauty, elegance and charm. Benevolence, mercy, consideration and KINDNESS….. Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    In my haste I had chosen the same word, so I am stuck with it for another year. Next year I will dream, walk, reflect and meditate, I will write, share and connect. I will sit and let it be, and gently savour it and take the time to enjoy the process.

    Oh! What the heck, I think I will just choose ‘Kindness’.

    May I just add that in no way does my clumsiness, reflect on the way I feel about the process which is both meaningful and deep. My dark sense of humour is in no way meant to be irreverent or unKIND.

    Thank you my dssD for sharing this process and your words for 2014. I wish you a wonderful year, filled with love and light.


    • My dear soulsister Gilli,

      I am still laughing at your beautiful comment and especially your ‘kindness’ thoughts. I think you did so well at it last year. But as you still feel you have something to learn, I think that’s exactly why that swan popped into your life and sent you GRACE to be KIND to yourself.

      I loved our tea and card sessions – thank you. We need to try and find a way to continue doing that. That way we can both practice and develop our skills in the things we are passionate about – healing, spirituality and astrology. Hint hint!

      I do feel grace fits so nicely after kindness. And that the universe is having a good laugh with us about this now! As they say, laughter is the best medicine, and isn’t that good for both of us, so we are bringing kindness (and grace) to each other.

      At least if you stick with kindness, then you won’t need to replace your ‘My religion is very simple, it is Kindness’ mantra and fridge magnet in a hurry. πŸ˜‰

      On a more serious note, I see your kindness all the time in the little things you do and how you treat others, and yourself. I trust that grace will bring you all the kindness you need in 2014 and I wish you love, light and, of course, oodles of kindness and grace.

      May you journey through 2014 in grace and loving-kindness.
      Your soulsister x

  3. I have never been in this process of choosing words to live by during a year… I was thinking of it, but then I wonder if I would really be able to commit for such a long time. The words you have chosen for 2014 are really powerful ones… But of the three of them, I really do think that forgiveness is the tougher one. And on both aspects of yourself and others… I wish you a wonderful year and will be following your path with great pleasure.

    • I agree with you that forgiveness feels like the most challenging one and I look forward to seeing where my focus on it will lead me this year. I am sure it will not be an easy one. Or so I feel today. So it’s just about taking one step at a time for me.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on choosing words. A year is a long time, yes, but I have found that in the past having a particular focus for my year brings me back to my intentions of the areas in my life that I wish to grow in. And there are no rights or wrongs, just awareness.

      I wish you well with your targets you have set for 2014 too and I hope you get to read more books! πŸ˜‰

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