Photo walk : tiny heart moments

water energy and leo love in my sisters pool max my heart is full of kitty lovespecial moments on the beach with my soulsister and soulbrothercoco its my ballgordons bay stillness and beach walkswatching my brothers veggie garden growtime with friends at harbour islandvisions of a wild lifelife, laughter and good wine with my soulsister garden moments with momtiny sugar love in moms garden wish you were here sunsetsgypsy cat you speak to my soul


Tiny heart connections like these have touched my life over the last two weeks. Simple things like kitty love, doggy cuddles, water energy and living gardens bring me happiness. Magic moments of soul connections with family and friends bring a big smile to my heart. And of course, the sunshine and blue skies helped too.

I am so blessed with all the tiny heart moments in my life that have each touched me deeply.

I am simply grateful.

Photo walk is an opportunity to take a walk with me through my β€˜photo’ eyes. I often see the world through photos and love exploring my surroundings in this way.

simply sharing, Delicia

8 thoughts on “Photo walk : tiny heart moments

  1. Let me start with asking you something. How did you snap the photo of you in the pool with Leo watching your feet out of the water? This is on my mind since I first saw the photo, but I still have not figured it out!? Laugh! I am sure taking photographs you are also having quite some fun πŸ˜‰

    I could feel and see from your beautiful photos that your tiny heart moments deeply touched you. By sharing them you touched me because they are exactly what I meant in my reply to your ‘Simplicity‘ post when I wrote: ‘what I really care about are the tiny pleasures, the simple moments’. I just noticed some small differences: I do have some kitty love (though not as special as Max), but I am missing doggy cuddles; I have lots of flowers and trees, but no garden; water is mainly lakes, or rivers, or streams, but no salt and no beach walks.

    What I feel by looking at the photos all together, is that you have been in peaceful flow of magic tiny moments. Of course one needs the time (I am just thinking at my compulsive urge to reach the lake after work last summer…), but there is much more than that. There is your wonderful being fully in the moment, your curious eyes, your tender heart! I am grateful you are sharing all of this here. Namaste.

    • Laugh! Yes, I am having lots of fun taking photographs and really enjoy those small moments. There is a step (like a bench along that side) in the pool and I was sitting on it, well balancing on it. Leo came to investigate my feet that were sticking out and so I managed to capture him there.

      There are indeed differences and I think you hit the key point there – being fully in the moment, whatever the moment is. I am so happy to share and especially pleased to know my sharing touches your heart too, as it did mine when I took the photos and was in the moment. Each moment was really special in its own way! And yes, time does help. Though sometimes when we can only grab a brief moment, it is worth grabbing it, as being present makes that moment an eternity. Or so it seems to me. πŸ˜‰


      • Oh yes Delicia, I love your simple wisdom! There are always brief moments for us to grab, and each of them is worth being grabbed! I agree, by grabbing and being present the moment becomes eternity. This is the everyday magic you know so well. My gratitude for saying it so beautifully!

        Thanks for revealing your photo capturing stunts in water πŸ™‚ You had really good time! Indeed, finding a way to capture what I want is often fun and good physical exercise, with stretches, bending and lots of funny poses. The greatest challenge for me has been the time I wanted to capture both of my hands on the mat, without a self-timer…

        • Yes, often there are a variety of stunts and poses involved in getting the shot we want or hope for! It makes it even more fun. I recall your heart hands on your yoga mat and never asked how you did it, especially without a self-timer… want to share?

          • Oh, that was a funny hour of attempts until I finally made it! I wanted to have a photo of my hands shaping a heart on the mat, as I had just done at the end of my meditation. Easy assignment, but… How to have the camera on top of the hands and how to snap? I made a pile of books high enough to be at sufficient distance to have the hands in the field. And since the camera (well, my iPhone) had to be on top of the hands the pile was not simply vertical but stretching out as it was getting higher. Then I taped the protruding iPhone and set the focus – at least this was easy! But then I still had two other issues to solve. Snap without self-timer and have the forearms resting on the floor, which I wanted first for the natural pose of relaxed hands and second because by lifting the elbows the veins were impressively swelling.
            To snap I resolved to use the chin. I had to train first, but this was quite easy. The problem was that if my forearms were resting on the floor the chin could not reach the iPhone. So I found the lowest possible position of the elbows and trained to snap with the chin with the iPhone on top of a pretty unstable pile of books. But this was still not low enough to prevent my veins from standing out. So the next thing I did was to have my hands up to let the veins disappear and then very quickly set them on the mat at the right spot and in a nice heart shape, stretch the chin to reach the iPhone without breaking the construction down, and snap before the veins emerged, which was taking less than five seconds. I even tried to slower the swelling by cooling the hands with cold water, but it did not help much.
            Well, I made it!! and I think that because of all of this the photo is much more alive than it would have turned out if I would have waited until someone was available to take the photo of my nicely posed hands with forearms resting on the floor so that the veins would have not been visible. It had to be that moment πŸ˜‰ This is the greatest part of taking photos: capturing the Here & Now!

          • Oh wow Annalisa, that was a great idea! And you definitely captured the aliveness of the here & now in your hands. Simply beautiful! It is funny how you worried about the veins in your hands, whereas that was one of the appealing things of your photo to me. Well there are many, including the simplicity of it, the shape, the colour, your hands and being on your mat.

            I assumed that someone had originally helped you with the shot. That’s a good lesson, again, never to assume. I have also tried to take a photo of hands on my mat. I tried to hold the iPhone between my chin and neck, and then to press the side shutter button, but have never succeeded. I will borrow your idea, if you don’t mind? Did you snap with your chin on the shutter button on the screen? I don’t want to assume again. πŸ™‚

            Thank you for sharing your fun secret! Namaste

          • Yes, I used the shutter button on the screen πŸ˜‰ I cannot figure out how pressing the side shutter button (especially on that unstable construction) would be possible… Laugh! But do not assume that the shutter button on the screen on iPhone 4 was the same as the one on iPhone 5s! it was not too easy to make it work using the chin,whereas with iPhone 5s this is no issue – I tried it yesterday πŸ˜‰ Someone must have told Apple of my efforts and they improved this function for easier snap with the chin πŸ™‚

            Interesting to read about how you thought of doing this. I assume (?!) you used the chin to press the side shutter button on the collarbone. Or have you tried to press the button with the chin? I think that with some additional training you will make it. Or tell Apple and they will find a solution πŸ˜‰

            I agree, I also find that the veins as they turned out in the end are appealing. When I see them standing out I think of my grandfather and his hands. I was always fascinated by his veins and spent long time observing them and feeling his whole life flowing in them. It was really magic! So I did not really want to have them not visible, but just not as scary as they were in the first shot (at least the double in size and number) because they made my hands look pretty unhealthy and conveying a different message from the one I intended. As they turned out in the end they were perfect. I guess by now someone reading is wondering what we are talking about… maybe we should share the photo.

          • Laugh! Perhaps Apple is listening. πŸ™‚ I am sure there are some apps that provide self timer functionality (a quick search tells me there are), though I have not used or researched any yet.

            Thank you for sharing your photo with us. It is simply beautiful and the hands convey so many messages. Thank you soulsister!

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